Verizon can lick my balls…

I haven’t updated in nearly week, want to know why? Because Verizon DSL is a giant pile of shit that can’t get their heads out of their asses and fix a shitty connection. I planned a bigger post for today but I don’t want to press my luck with uploading files tonight. Hopefully I’ll have more this weekend. Argh.

Music From The Movie, “Athens, GA – Inside/Out”
The Squalls – Na, Na, Na, Na
Flat Duo Jets – Crazy Hazy Kisses
R.E.M. – (All I’ve Got To Do Is) Dream)
Love Tractor – Pretty
Kilkenny Cats – Nightfall
Time Toy – Window Sill
Athens, GA – Inside/Out was a concert movie about the music scene in Athens circa 1986. I’ve never seen it but the soundtrack sure is killer. While you can get the movie on DVD, the soundtrack has yet to be released on CD. This is the first half of the album, I’ll post side two later in the week. I’m not posting this is a zip file because a lot of people out there may only want the REM songs and why make their lives harder?

Talking Heads
Love For Sale (Extended Version)
Love For Sale (Special ‘New’ Version)
The extended version of this song is my new favorite Talking Heads song. David Byrne’s vocals on this song are about one step away from just non-stop maniacal screaming. I’m totally digging it.

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