Tom Brady can go Tuck Himself

I had more to say about the last couple tracks but Blogger keeps crashing and I want to update this fucker so I can go to bed already. Argh.

Jerry Goldsmith
Gremlins Original Motion Picture Score
I can’t think of a movie that was a bigger part of my childhood than Gremlins was. Unlike a lot of other childhood favorites (Star Wars, The Goonies, Monster Squad) I can still remember the first time I saw it very clearly (I hid under the sheets when Stripe began melting). Not only that I remember my Gremlins-themed birthday party and the Gremlins backpack I took with me for my first day of Kindergarten. Some people’s Chirstmas movie is A Christmas Carol or A Christmas Story. Mine has always been Gremlins. I’m sick like that I guess. I even love the sequel. The score to Gremlins was one of Goldsmith’s best in my opinion and it’s a shame that it’s never gotten a proper release. The original LP soundtrack to the film was only a 7-track “mini album” that only featured about half of the film’s score. There are bootlegs out there that have more but they sound like shit from what I’ve been told, which is a bummer. Here I have all of the score that was originally released on that mini-LP.

Joe Strummer
Filibustero (Freestyle Mix)
In 1987 Joe Strummer released his first post-Clash album, the soundtrack to Alex Cox’s western Walker. The movie was a massive flop but the soundtrack is pretty damn good. It doesn’t sound like anything Strummer ever recorded before (or since) and is mostly instrumental music, the kind of stuff you’d expect to hear in an 1850s period piece. This is a remixed version of the main theme from the film, of which the Sex & The City theme sounds AMAZINGLY similar to.

Karen Finley
Party Animal
More from Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming. Karen Finley was a performance artist whose material so offended Jesse Helms that he fought to have her funding from the NEA revoked – so you know she’s amazing. This bit is really intense and a little grating, you’ve been warned.

John Giorno Band
It’s A Mistake To Think You’re Special
Giorno was a poet who founded Giorno Poetry Systems, which was the label that released Like A Girl… Probably not a coincidence that he’s on the album then huh? This is more like poetry with a backing track than an actual song.

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  1. aikin says:

    you’re absolutely right about the Joe Strummer song – it’s totally different from anything else he did. And the Sex and the City theme composer(s) seem to have drawn heavy influence from it.

  2. aikin says:

    I couldn’t edit my first comment, so I’ll just add this. Through some creative Googling, I found a seeming connection: A mastering engineer known as “Streaky”
    worked with both Joe Strummer and the Groove Armada (performers of the Sex and the City theme).

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