Not Run’s (Ware)house

Run – Praise My DJs (Washington Remix)
You know how when you’re a kid and you scribble some lines down on a piece of paper and you show your mom and she’s like “Wow honey that’s really…interesting?” Well, I’m a huge fan of Run from Run-DMC and this dance track by him and his wife Justine is really…interesting. I picked this up off of a two LP set, that featured six remixes of the song – this is the only one that was close to being good.

Sugababes – Round Round (Soulwax Remix)
Now, this is a great dance song. For some strange reason the album that featured the original mix of ‘Round Round’ never came out in America – further proof that the record industry is run bybatshit crazy jackasses. These girls have amazing voices (especially for teen-pop stars) and Soulwax , as always, makes an even better song better by remixing it in their signature style. Prepare for this baby to bore its way into your ear for a least a few days.

Faye Wong – Cold War (Silent All These Years Cover)
I love me some old-school Tori Amos and I love me Chinese people – so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone. I asked my roommate (who is from Beijing) to track down this song for me and he gave me a look he hasn’t given me since I asked him if they have fortune cookies in China. If anyone out there can translate Cantonese I would really appreciate it if they took a go at this song.

Billy Idol
Heroin (Overlord Mix)
Heroin (Nosebleed Mix)
I think I am the one person in the known universe that actually kind of likes this song. When people bring up the worst career moves of all-time, they usually bring up this cover of The Velvet Underground classic and the album it came off of (1993’s Cyberpunk). I can’t speak for the album, I’ve never managed to find it anywhere – but this cover isn’t nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I think people were so offended by the idea of anyone (let alone Billy Idol) covering any song by Lou Reed that they just bashed it on principle alone. These are two remixes off of some strange white vinyl I picked up a couple of days ago. I really dig on these, but I’m a sucker for any dance song that throws in those cool trash guitars.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have some old mp3 files around here somewhere (that I had pulled off of Audio Galaxy a few years ago) of Faye Wong doing Cocteau Twins covers. I have no idea what she is singing, or in what language, as to my knowledge most of the older Cocteau Twins lyrics were either nonsensical poetry or simply invented words. She sounds bad, but seems to have good taste in music.

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