Dropping The Needle

Introductions suck so I’ll keep this brief. Vinyl rules, and this MP3 blog will serve as proof. The majority of what I post here will be music that is largely unavailable on CD, recorded straight from the groove and onto your hard drive. (If you want to know how to record vinyl this is a good starting point). Not all of it will be old, not all of it will be good, but I promise all of it will be interesting.

Enough talking let’s get rocking. Since this is my first post I figured I’d start things off with a bang, a nuclear bang to be exact. When The Wind Blows (1986) was a British animated drama based on the book of the same name, and tells the story of a cute elderly couple living contently in the countryside – until WWIII breaks out and they both die of radiation poisoning.

Cheery flick.

Anyways, as one of the few Western animated films from the period that was not made for kids (no shit), When The Wind Blows has remained a curiosity for many animation fans since its all-too-brief release in 1986. And it has becoming increasingly hard to track down over the years, receiving only a limited VHS release in America and has yet to be released anywhere on DVD.

Equally hard-to-find is its soundtrack, featuring a title track by the one-and-only David Bowie. I’ll be the first to admit that Bowie’s output in the 80s wasn’t perfect, but this gem of a single has unfairly been neglected since its original release. It finally saw a CD release in America this year, on Bowie’s newest greatest hits package, The Platinum Collection, but that’s really a needless purchase for the die-hard Bowie fans out there who already have every other song on that three-disc set. Also, the version on CD, and even the version on the original soundtrack, is shortened to only three minutes. The extended cut was released (wait for it…) on Japanese import only – and that’s the version I’m sharing with your today (along with the instrumental version). Enjoy the extended Bowie goodness and welcome to The Lost Turntable.

When The Wind Blows (ExtendedMix)
When The Wind Blows (Instrumental)


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  1. L.C. says:

    I am not sure if you had posted an update to this very first post, but there is a Region 2 DVD of When The Wind Blows available on Amazon UK.

    By the way, your blog owns me. Keep up the great work!

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