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I Hopped my Hip Off

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Okay, now everyone look to your right. See where it says “Disclaim This!” Okay, read that. Do you see my email address now? Good. And I don’t have an “@” and “.com” by it because if I did I’d get even more spam than I already do.

Now let us get with the busy with some alternative and instrumental hip-hop. No more posts until next Wednesday, so enjoy the rare grooves.

Saul Williams
Purple Pigeons (feat. Wood Harris)
Purple Pigeons (Instrumental)
Saul Williams isn’t from this planet. He’s from a magical alien world with slam poetry and dope beats. If all you know from Saul is the Nike commercial then you need to get educated. Buy The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust and prepare to have your mind blown with fucking knowledge. His first two albums are fucking great too. As are his books, and his acting turn in Slam. Dude’s a Renaissance Man with facepaint. These tracks are the b-sides to “Penny For A Thought.”

The Dirty Birds
Old To The New Ones
The Skateland Killa
Pryor Convictions (Deeds Plus Thoughts Mix)
Pryor Convictions (Raw Beats And Lyrics Mix)
Pryor Convictions (Los Chicarrons Remix)
The Dirty Birds area duo, made up of RJD2 and Poppa Hop. These are good tunes. The quality is a little scratchy on a few, but it adds to their old school ambiance, so don’t complain. Download them, listen to them, like them. I have nothing to say about them, however I do have a story about RJD2.

I have a friend who had a Yamaha CS-80 sitting in his basement for a long time. He bought it for next to nothing. More information on the CS-80 here, but for those of you who want the cliff notes, the CS-80 is an INSANELY rare old-school synthesizer that has several features that appeal to hardcore old-school instrumentalists. it goes for a lot of money. I’d tell you to go to eBay and look it up, but you can’t because no one is selling them. It is mind-numbingly rare. Not only are they rare, but they are finicky bastards and break with extreme prejudice. My friend’s worked, not only that, it had barely been used ever. So when he decided that he wanted to sell it online he got a lot of responses. One of many people interested in the machine was RJD2 himself. My friend dealt with RJ for a while, but got a better offer from someone else and had to inform Mr. D2 that the synth was not going to him. If you check out the Wikipedia page on the CS-80 you will see that RJD2 is still not a “notable user” of the CS-80. He probably still doesn’t have one.

So, long story short, RJD2 probably wants to kill my best friend.

High Priest
Ghost In The Drummachine
Stimulus Stimulator
Industrial glitch dub drum and bass electro mindfuck. I got nothing else to say.