Back from the hospital and laying down dope beats

So this weekend I found out that if you’re six and a half feet tall and…not thin, and rush to the Japanese hospital complaining of shortness of breathe and chest pains, they see your giant ass immediately, because no one in the country will be able to pick you up off the floor.

I was fine, by the way, ended up just being some weird bronchial infection. But that’s why I was MIA for a bit. But I’m back! I’m not dead, I feel happy.

Well, that’s not true, look at the news, but I’m back to normal at least and ready to post obscure music no one cares about so let’s get to it.

Arrested Development
United Front (Noises In My Attic Remix)
United Front (Acapella)
Fun fact, Speech from Arrested Development is big in Japan. Seriously, he plays solo shows here in respected (if not large) venues that usually sell out. He’s the Mr. Big of hip-hop.

I have no idea why this is. In fact, I always wonder how/why any hip-hop artist makes it big in Japan in any capacity. Rap is such a lyrical medium, and if you don’t understand the lyrics, there’s no way you can get as much out of it. Lyrics are obviously important in other forms of music too, but let’s be honest, you don’t need to understand the meaning of a song like, let’s say “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” to really appreciate it.

I think that explains, at least in part, why some acts make it big in Japan though. In my time here, I’ve noticed that really technically-proficient acts, like Mr. Big, Steely Dan, and Asia have large followings here, while more famous Western artists known primarily for their lyrics and songwriting, such as Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen, are barely ever mentioned here. The language barrier makes appreciating their music much harder. Of course, Bob Dylan is really popular here so what the fuck do I know?

Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock
Joy And Pain (World To World Remix)
Joy And Pain (No-Rap-Attack-Dub-Track)
Joy And Pain (Rob-A-Pella)
I don’t think that Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock are exceptionally more popular here than they are back in the states, but I could be wrong.

2 Responses to “Back from the hospital and laying down dope beats”

  1. I’m glad you’re okay. Both times my lung collapsed I was rushed into the operating room immediately. It was a very satisfying experience, very much like skipping the line at a club or a ride at Disney World. I always liked “Joy and Pain,” but thought it could’ve been better. The World to World Remix is better.

  2. CakeSaint says:

    Thanks for the RB & DJ EZR (that was hardly shorter than writing the whole thing out) — that cassette was big back in junior high school and brings back memories, but I never heard these remixes.

    Glad your experience in the Japanese medical system turned out well. Never had much luck with that, but at least it was inexpensive.

    Oh, and add Swing Out Sister to those inexplicably-popular-in-Japan bands. Not sure where they fit in the spectrum of technical proficiency.

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