A Quick Update About My Twitter Account

If you’re wondering what happened to my Twitter account, hey me too.

As I detailed in a post on my other blog a few months ago, I don’t really tweet that much anymore. While I have caved on that from time to time, 90% of my interactions on the platform are with my friends , or me looking at Tokyo record shops for their latest deals. That’s about it.

Regardless, I somehow got slapped with a suspension, not a lock, but a full-on suspension, yesterday. I have yet to find out why. I was not given a reason. They have not replied to my message asking for more details.

I suspect one of three things happened.

The first is what I hope is the case, because it’s not really Twitter’s fault. A few days ago a user whose name I will not mention added me to two strange lists, with names like “SuspendLvl1” and “gotroot.” Was he trying to hack my account or perform some kind of action that would flag it in a way that would lead to my suspension? Perhaps. I reported him when it happened and Twitter actually has asked for more details about that. Hilariously, I can’t give them any more details since my account is MIA.

Like I said, I hope that’s the case, because shit like that happens, it gets resolved, and everyone moves on.

If it’s not the case, then I can only imagine that I was suspended for either my pinned tweet, which simply states “Kill All Nazis.” Or because someone at support might’ve thought I was abusing their abuse reporting system because I flag and report David Duke’s account for abuse literally everyday. I’m not doing that as a joke or some troll, I’m doing it because David Duke violates Twitter’s TOS literally every day. He often spits out tweets filled antisemetic rheotic and attacks. That’s against Twitter’s rules. So I report him for it. Last week they actually responded and said that his account was in violation. Since then I’ve seen him tone it down a bit, but his account is still up and running somehow. Maybe me reporting him since then pissed someone at support off? Good to know that reporting Nazis will get you in more trouble on Twitter than actually being a Nazi.

If that didn’t do it, then maybe my recent pinned tweet, “Kill all Nazis” rubbed someone at Twitter the wrong way.

Like I said, I don’t know, I can only speculate, because Twitter WON’T TELL ME what I did wrong.

Anyways, I’m banned from Twitter for the time being. Prominent Nazis are not. Twitter, you’re doing a great job.

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4 Responses to “A Quick Update About My Twitter Account”

  1. gruff says:

    The prominent nazis who are still on twitter – Spencer and Duke, also Enoch – are almost certainly stooges, i.e. either consciously working with the feds or just useful idiots. The genuine WNs like Anglin and weev and others of that ilk have been banned from twitter.

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    If you think David Duke is a useful idiot or a stooge for the feds I suggest you do more research as to who David Duke is and how much influence he still somehow has.

  3. gruff says:

    If you think Duke is just what he seems I suggest you do more research. He went to prison for defrauding his supporters. That is not the action of a committed ideologue.

    Think about it: he violates twitter’s TOS every day yet he still has an account, while many many others less offensive than him have been taken down? Why would that be? Someone wants to keep him communicating.

    And how much influence does he actually have? A tiny group of hated nobodies with zero political power think he’s great; to the rest of the country he’s The Klan Guy, always ready with a shock endorsement. What he supports is guaranteed to be tainted by association with him.

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    You can be a fraud and a true believer. For evidence I suggest looking at all religion.

    He still has an account because he has a lot of followers and he hasn’t said anything outwardly violent. He speaks in vague platitudes. He skims the line, going over it barely and then running back. I’m sorry, I don’t believe this is a conspiracy. It’s a combination of ineptitude, idiocy and ignorance on the party of Twitter.

    And he still has influence. Think about when he endorsed Trump. That made the news. And Trump’s refusal to outright condemn that endorsement also made the news. When that happened, racists who didn’t care either way, or didn’t think Trump was one of them, had their minds changed. That’s undoubtable.

    Look, I appreciate your support, but this is not an issue I really want to debate.

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