Techno for smashing fascists

I get that in times of strife and hardship, distractions are important. They’ve certainly served me well this week. In light of all the horrible ills that have befallen us all, I find a great source of escapism in film. The boyfriend and I recent purchased an amazing Hammer Films box set, so I’ve been drowning my sorrows in copious amounts of Peter Cushing being a bad motherfucker.

I also have been absorbing a shitton of Giant Bomb content right now. They’ve seemingly always been there for me. When I went through a horribly painful fit of depression three years ago, the Bombcast was always a three-hour block where I could for sure keep away the demons and darkness.

So please, right now, do your best to stay sane. While it’s important to fight the good fight in any way you can, it’s important to take time to collect yourself as well. Whether it be video games, movies, music or just talking a nice long walk. Find something that can distract you, and hold onto it when needed.

Just don’t expect that thing to be this blog. Because fuck that orange assclown with a rusty crowbar.

Seriously, could someone do that? I’m sure Pence would like to watch.

The Art Of Noise
Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix)
Sometimes you stumble upon a track at just the right time. Right when I first read that Trump was instituting his curb-stomp earning racist ban on legal immigration, I was listening to this song for the very first time. An aggressive acid house track with a chorus consisting of nothing but the platitude of “all of us are one people” may be over simplistic and a bit on the nose, but it sure hit the spot for how I felt at that exact minute.

Nine Inch Nails
Capital G (Switch Remix)
The Hand That Feeds (Photek Ruff Mix)
Neither of these remixes are as good as the album versions. But they’re still quality, and good soundtracks to breaking shit and spray painting graffiti of Trump with a tiny dick and a klan hood on.

I mean, if you wanna do that.

5 Responses to “Techno for smashing fascists”

  1. David E BEARD says:

    The original version of Instruments of Darkness is waaaaaaay better. If you have never heard it, you have never heard the turn that dance music didn’t take that it should have.

    And in this context, it samples speeches from leaders in South Africa in the time of Apartheid.

    (Love the blog.)

  2. Ryan b says:

    Man. Haven’t thought about AoN for years, but yeah, that remix really hits the spot right about now!

  3. Trachalio says:

    1) As a Canadian about to marry the man his loves because our country made same sex marriage legal over a decade ago, who’s parents moved to the USA over 15 years ago, I now find myself in the awkward position of wondering when I’ll get to go visit them again. I never used to worry about entering customs with my fiance as a couple, but now I have to wonder if we’ll be turned back because of our sexuality 🙁

    2) Thank you SO MUCH for the Nine Inch Nails remixes. I’ve been on a NIN kick again and have started to catalogue all the releases and mixes I’m missing. I’m not usually a “gotta have ’em all” person (at least, not any more), but NIN has been the exception. I’ve got just about every Halo release, but some of the promo mixes have been tricky to find!

  4. Drain says:

    That mix of Capital G is not the Phones 666 RPM Mix but the Switch Mix which is only found on the Capital G promo single and the vinyl version of Year Zero Remixed. The Phones 666 RPM Mix while also available on the promo is more readily available on Year Zero Remixed as the Epworth Phones 666 Revolutions Mix. Sorry to sound all anal and whatnot but NIN is one of those bands where I tend to know way too much about the various remixes and what singles and albums they appear on especially considering when I spent like all of 2000 studying various NIN websites burning that shit into my memory haha.

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