Viral Infection Punk Rock and HI-NRG

Apparently my body decided that I wasn’t in bad enough mood and hit me with a brutal viral infection early Tuesday morning which led to a sore throat that day, followed by a horrific fever and violent coughing for about 24 hours. Feeling more human now, but that was kind of the last thing I needed right now. You know how sick I have to be to not even want to listen to records? Pretty damn sick.

Sheena & The Rokkets
Lemon Tea (12″ Version)
So I’m sitting at home and my throat hurts so much that I can barely swallow. As an English teacher who has to speak most of the day, I’ve become more than familiar with many of the remedies of a dry and/or scratchy throat. The number one cure? Lemon tea. I think I’ve probably drank four milk cartons worth of the stuff in the past three days.

That has two side effects.

One, I pee a lot.

Two, I get this song stuck in my head. And I assume I’m one of five people on the planet who immediately think of this song when hearing the words “Lemon tea” and I bet I’m the only non-Japanese person who makes such an immediate association.

I only shared Sheena & The Rokkets once, a little over two years ago, so a quick refresher. They’re another in the long line of YMO associates, but unlike many of the groups that worked with the Japanese techn-pop innovators, they had one foot firmly in punk rock. If you’r interested, check out their greatest hits, it’s a good jumping off point.

Also, this song totally rips off Aerosmith’s version “Train Kept a Rollin” and I like it all the more for that.

Dead Or Alive
Dead Or Alive Nude Medley (The Bevery Hills Convertable CD Edit)
I was really stoked to buy that Sophisticated Boom Box 19-disc box set that features nearly everything Dead Or Alive ever put out. But then word got out that Denon fucked it up royally. How royally? Ten of the 19 discs have errors on them. And these aren’t tiny errors. They put the wrong versions of songs on some of the discs, and two of the discs were accidentally mastered IN MONO. How the hell does that even happen? Like, did anyone even listen to it on headphones before they decided it was good to go? Horrible.

Anyways, when they do get around to shipping out versions with the fixed discs (which I hear will be next year), I’ll pick one up. Until then, here’s a DJ only mix that didn’t make the box set. Grabbed it off a Hi-NRG promo 12″ a few weeks back.

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  1. CakeSaint says:


    Demon has corrected most of the errors on the Dead or Alive box set and I’ve received my replacement discs already. I think that any boxes going out after 19 December are as correct as they’re going to be. There were a few things they couldn’t fix (see ) and the videos aren’t in the best resolution they could be, but it is really a treasure trove. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    – CakeSaint

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