Justly Forgotten 80s Relics

I haven’t forgotten about my promise to update this blog five days a week come July. In fact, I’ve been rapidly recording material to fill the space. I still got plenty of time, right?

Oh fuck.

Terri Nunn And Paul Carrack
Romance (Love Theme From Sing)
Sing is a 1989 musical drama from the writer of Footloose and the director of…nothing else. It stars about two star-crossed teens in a downtrodden Brooklyn neighborhood who discover their love for music, and each other, while preparing for their school talent show. (Can you tell I used to write shitty movie descriptions for a living?)

The film also stars Lorraine Bracco from The Sopranos as a tough street smart teacher. It’s also apparently a giant piece of shit. I’ve never seen it, and judging from the fact that it has yet to be released on DVD or Blu-ray, I probably never will.

Both the film and the soundtrack have a minor following however, judging from the overly in-depth description of the plot on Wikipedia, and the fact that CD copies of the soundtrack go for higher-than-average used prices.

Like I said, I’ve never seen the movie, so I can’t attest to its quality. I have, however, listened to the soundtrack and goddamn it’s awful. Michael Bolton! Mickey Thomas! Bill Champlin! It’s a who’s who of who gives a fuck.

The only thing close to a decent tune on the LP is the theme track, a duet by Berlin’s Terri Nunn and professional band nomad Paul Carrack (Roxy Music, Mike + The Mechanics, Ace, about a billion other things). To be honest it’s actually not all that great a tune, typical 80s easy listening schlock, but I just love me some Terri Nunn so I’m a bit biased.

Oh, and while the Wiki description is needlessly complex, I love the horribleness of the IMDB summary: “A teen film about an Italian punk forced to work with an innocent Jewish girl.”

Harold Faltermeyer
The Race Is On
The Race Is On (Radio Edit)
The Race Is On (Instrumental)
The Race Is On (Dub Version)
“The Race Is On”  is a radical re-working/remix/remake of the theme to Starlight Express, the 1974 musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber about toy trains.

For real.

The cast (playing the trains) perform entirely on roller skates.

Yes, this is a song by Harold Faltermeyer, based off the work of Andrew Lloyd Weber, about a bunch of dudes in rollerskates pretending to be trains. So the next time someone tells you the 80s were full of nothing but awesome shit, throw this in their face.

Seriously though, this tune is pretty rad – great electro vibe.

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