Bananarama and an EMF song that isn’t Unbelievable

It seems like I haven’t posted a random selection of 80s remixes in forever. Feels good.

Venus (The Hellfire Mix)
Venus (Fire & Brimstone Mix)
Venus (Extended Version)
Venus (Dub Version)
I have no recollection of buying this, taking this home, cleaning this record, playing it on my turntable, recording it to my hard drive, editing the recording into MP3s or putting them in my iTunes library. I guess these remixes really made an impression on me.

Let’s be real here, combined these four tracks are over 30 minutes long – and I don’t think the world needed a half an hour of “Venus” remixes. And that’s coming from me, the guy who just spent 300 yen (thee bucks) on a Phil Collins remix EP just for the 8 minute version of “Take Me Home,” so I think it’s safe to say that I have a pretty high tolerance of superfluous remixes.

That being said, the “Fire & Brimstone” remix ain’t half bad, and the simple extended mix is pretty good too. The same can’t be said for the nine-minute “Hellfire” mix that just devolves into a series of handclaps (seriously) at one point. It sounds like someone fell asleep on the sampler.

They’re Here (Cenobyte Mix)
They’re Here (Mosh Mix)
Phantasmagoric (Remix)
I’m gonna be real here. I bought this 12″ single solely because of the name of the first remix, hoping that it would incorporate some Hellraiser samples. I was not let down! It also samples The KLF – so it’s doubly dope. Acid house for life.

4 Responses to “Bananarama and an EMF song that isn’t Unbelievable”

  1. Ctel says:

    The Orbital 13.5% mix of They’re Here is the classic EMF remix.

  2. Eric Schulz says:

    Nothing but lots of love for the Bananarama “Venus” mixes here! Thanks so much for posting!

  3. Drain says:

    The only Venus remix I’ve seen you post was the Extended Mix a good while back. The rest? Brand new to me.

  4. Tone says:

    EMF – So glad you posted this one. Been after the Cenobyte version for years now. I have it on 12″ (along with 100’s of others) but haven’t had a working turntable for about 10 years! Many thanks.

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