British Electro and Two Awesome Songs About Getting It On With Dudes

One month until the move. Crunch time has begun. This means another super brief post unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll have time to write more soon. I do plan on writing many vinyl reviews at Mostly-Retro in the coming week, so keep an eye out over there, especially if you like horror movie soundtracks or Nirvana.

Now some entirely random tracks.

London Bridge Is Falling Down (Special Vocoder Mix)
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Extended Version)
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Dub Mix)
Originally released in 1983, this  is supposedly the very first UK hip-hop release. I have no way to confirm or deny that claim, although I have no reason to doubt it.

I have no idea who Newtrament is though. This is his only release listed on Discogs, he released this one song and that was it. At least it’s a damn good tune, an excellent piece of early-80s electro. All the mixes are great, but obviously the best of the bunch is the “Special Vocoder Mix” – because everything is made better with extraneous vocoder.

Franz Ferdinand
Dark Of The Matinee (Headman Remix)
This Fire (Playgroup Remix)
Michael (Thomas Eriksen Remix)
Franz Ferdinand are the secret best remix-friendly band in rock music today. All their singles have great remixes as b-sides, and I hope that one day all of these amazing mixes will see a proper release on a compilation of box set.  These excellent mixes are from the 12″ single to “Michael” – which is probably my favorite Franz Ferdinand track of all-time.

Elton Motello
Jet Boy Jet Girl (Full Seven Minute Version)
Last minute special request from the Pope.

This song is weird.

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  1. chronovisor says:

    Thanks for ELTON MOTELLO.

    You certainly know that the original song is from Belgium sung by PLASTIC BERTRAND.

    Cheers, |cv|

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