Bassheads of the world unite

A couple new posts on Mostly-Retro. First up I got a review of the Astralwerks 20/20 Record Store Day box set (spoiler: it sucks). Then I have part two in my journey down the rabbit hole of Atari “soundtracks” with my look at the Missile Command LP (spoiler: it’s dumb). Check them out both and tell all your friends who like awesome reviews of awesome shit about them as well.

In case anyone was wondering, I’m feeling a lot better now. The rage and anger from the past few days has passed and I’m actually feeling pretty good. I’m feeling so good that I had a post planned out with some really soothing and relaxing progressive trance but FUCK THAT SHIT LETS TEAR IT UP WITH DRUM AND BASS.

Dom & Roland
Killa Bullet
Dom & Roland is one dude, right? Damn, that’s confusing as hell. Why the hell did he do that?

(Goes to Wikipedia to figure this shit out.)

Oh, so his name is Dom(inic) and the Roland in question is his Roland sampler. Ah, that makes sense. And the fact that I couldn’t figure that out on my own makes me feel like a dumbass.

As much as I love drum and bass, I have a hard as hell time trying to get all the subgenres straight. What would you call this? This is techstep, with it’s sci-fi feel, twisty bass sounds and occasional vocal sample, right? Whatever the hell it’s called, I love it. I could listen to this kind of shit 24 hours a day. In fact, I think if I had to stay up for 24 hours straight, this music would work just as well as coffee. These beats kick coffee’s ass. “Killa Bullet” is the most hardcore shit ever and I love it.

Rob & Goldie
Distorted Dreams
The Shadow
The Shadow (Bing Here Mix)
The Shadow (Process Mix)
True story. I went to Ultra Music Festival a few years back. It was a horrible experience and I advise against it. It was too hot, water was overpriced, and the noise bleed from stage to stage was horrendous. Anyways, Goldie was playing the fest, and I knew I had to make my way to his stage to see him. Goldie is a god of dnb, one of the originators, catching a set by him was simply a must.

I got there a few minutes early and the tent he was playing at was already pretty packed, but I soon found out that most of the kids there were there to catch the act after Goldie, and not Goldie himself. In fact, when Goldie took the stage I heard a number of “fans” bemoan “who’s this old dude?”

This was the drum and bass tent, these people were there to listen to drum and bass. They did not know who Goldie was. He nearly invented the fucking genre (yes, I know that’s an exaggeration  but you know what I mean). That would be like going to a “classic rock” show and asking who Led Zeppelin was.

Fucking heathens.

Goldie’s hour-long opener to his double-disc sophomore album Saturn Returnz, the Tusk of drum and bass records. Seriously, this song is an hour-long, so clear your schedule before you listen to it.

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  1. MJK says:

    I still remember very well at Goldie’s “Mother” – a masterpiece … dramatical, rhythmatic, enigmatic and absolutly lovely! Thank you very very much!!!!!!!

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