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Quick self-serving news: new post over at Mostly-Retro, a look at the “soundtrack” LP to Atari’s Asteroids. It’s pretty ridiculous. If you like it, please share it with your friends.

Now for a brief public service announcement for everyone who I turned onto Boom Boom Satellites, you should know that they’re doing a live “360 degree” webcast of their Budokan show this Friday! Check out this link to see the countdown timer. Should be pretty awesome.

Finally, if anyone thought last night’s post was excessively stupid. Don’t worry, so do I. Don’t blog drunk kids. If you’re going to write something stupid, write it sober. Own it.

Hear No Bullshit (On Fire Mix)
The Day The Nazi Died (1993 Mix)
There’s a lot to say about Chumbawamba, but for a Cliff Notes version of their crazy history check out this great video by critic Todd In The Shadows. He tackles their crazy career pretty well.

As for these songs specifically, “Hear No Bullshit” features lead vocals by the UK rap group Credit To The Nation, and it’s a great radical left-wing hip-hop jam that attacks mainstream sell outs, and the fact that too many rappers can’t seem to get past their sexist bullshit when it comes to lyrical inspiration. This song was written over 20 years ago, and judging from disgusting wastes of humanity like Odd Future, it’s sadly just as relevant now as ever.

Same goes for “The Day The Nazi Died.” It’s an attack on Nazi sympathizer politicians, and if you’ve been paying attention to the current clusterfuck that is Greece as of late, you’ll know that this song has once again become topical as well.

Sigh and ugh.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These) (’91 Remix)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These (Nightmare Mix)
I Need A Man (Macho Mix)
I Need A Man (Edit)
Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) (Dance Mix)
Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) (7″ Edit)
Most of these are reposts, I put up the “I Need a Man” and “Beethoven” mixes a few years back. But I wasn’t happy with those rips and recently re-recorded them. So if you have those old rips and like those songs at all (and you fucking should) then you ought to download these new rips and replace your old ones.

The “Sweet Dreams’ mixes are new to this site though. I grabbed them off of a very odd DJ bootleg 12” called “Disco Ballroom.” However, they were both official remixes and were first released on legitimate 12″ and CD singles. If you’re listening to the ’91 remix and thinking “oh wow, this is the most amazing dance beat ever” well that’s because that remix is by Giorgio fucking Moroder. He may have done the “Nightmare” mix too, but I don’t think so, it really doesn’t sound like his kind of work.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Brides Of Frankenstein (Mix)
Brides Of Frankenstein (Dub)
Another pair of reposts. Put these up several years (and turntables) back so grab them again even if you have them already.

I also said this back when I first posted this track (which is really a megamix), but it’s worth repeating; this cut has one of the greatest basslines ever.

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