Mixtape Madness

Check it, Drum and bass on cassette was a thing. Who knew?


Ed Rush – Live In ’98
Side 1
Side 2
This tape suffers a bit from wear and tear, and from the sounds of things the original source recording wasn’t the greatest either. The opening dips out a bit, and the MC’s vocals can get muddled up at times. Thankfully the audio quality gets better as it goes on. I know there are a few Ed Rush sets from this era that have made it onto music-sharing sites like Soundcloud and such, but I don’t think this one has. At least, I couldn’t find it. If someone does have a better recording of this set please let me know. I’d love a high-quality copy.

Nicky Blackmarket & Ed Rush – Live At The Edge
Side 1
Side 2
Nicky Blackmarket is another early drum and bass DJ, going all the way back to the 1980s. I assume his set is on side one, and it’s pretty good. It starts and stops suddenly a few times early on, probably because of technical difficulties. The second side is the Ed Rush set, and it sounds much more like the Ed Rush I know and love than the stuff on the first tape. It’s still high-energy and intense, but it also has that menacing neurofunk vibe that I fell in with when I first heard Wormhole and had my mind properly blown.

The quality of this tape is a little bit better than the first, but remember that a high-quality tape is still going to sound worse than a low-quality CD. So go in with a bit of lowered expectations. And once more, if anyone out there has better quality rips of either of these sets let me know and I’ll replace the links with those.

3 Responses to “Mixtape Madness”

  1. sourcedelica says:

    If you come across any tapes by Dieselboy you should definitely check them out. They are the cream of the crop of 90’s DnB (IMHO). I’ve posted my favorite tape to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXc0IJVVWMU and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GgeLHWgWKE. I’m going to post more when I get time.

  2. Jeremiah says:

    I purchased this cassette at Caffeine records in Long Island in 1998. It is long gone, but I would LOVE to have a digital copy of it, no matter the quality. I used to play this all the time! Do you still have these files? Hoping since this was just posted last year, you might still have ’em. Dropbox me!

  3. spirituaal says:

    Just found this site. Any chance to hear the Nicky Blackmarket & Ed Rush – Live At The Edge set once again!

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