Gay Acid

In case you missed my last post, I finally launched that new site of mine. It’s called Mostly-Retro and it’s going to be a clearinghouse of reviews, essays and other stuff I’ve always wanted to write but couldn’t find the venue for. I plan on updating it two to three times a week if all works out. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on shutting down Lost Turntable anytime soon, but until I get things going at a steady pace over at Mostly-Retro, I might slow down to a post a week here for a month or so. Of course, now that I’ve said that I’m probably going to end up being more productive than ever and post shit nonstop. That’s always how that works.

Anyways, check out the new site! Tell me what you think! Keep it mind it’s still a work in progress, so be nice if you think it looks like butt.

Psychic TV
Joy (credited to DJ Doktor Megatrip with Luv Bass)
Thee Politics Ov Ecstasy (credited to Psychic TV & Jack The Tab)
These are from a 12″ single. I bought it because I thought it was some crazy weird bootleg acid house single. I had no idea that both tracks were actually by Psychic TV and that in the late 80s they released two full albums of acid house under the guise of them being compilation albums, complete with fake artist names for each track. That’s weird. But from what little I know of Psychic TV, weird is par for the course so I’m not even going to try and analyze it.

Seriously, I know next to nothing about Psychic TV aside from the fact that they’ve released, like, a billion albums and that they’re really weird. I don’t know how this stuff compares to the rest of their discography or if they’ve released better acid house music. I just like acid house. And as acid house goes, this is pretty damn great. And really fucking trippy.

Patrick Cowley
Menergy (12″ Remix)
I Wanna Take You Home
Tommy Williams’ Megamedley
I’ve posted some Patrick Cowley before. For those who missed those posts and might not know who he is; Cowley was a legend of late-era disco, and one of the first producers who followed in Moroder’s footsteps, taking disco into the realm of electronica. While Moroder was the original innovator of electronic disco, Cowley took it a whole other level during his brief career (he passed away in 1982), and pretty much laid the foundation for HI-NRG dance music and synthpop along the way. If you like the Pet Shop boys and New Order’s dancier stuff, then you should really dig Cowley.

I posted a mix of “Menergy” a few months ago, but this version is longer, clocking in at about eight and a half minutes, making it even gayer than the original. The b-side “I Wanna Take You Home,” while not as fabulous as “Menergy” is still an excellent example of the type of music that Cowley created. I don’t know who is singing on it though, the 12″ gave no credit. If you have any idea let me know.

Finally, there’s the “Tommy Williams’ Megamedley,” which starts with “Menergy” before going into a mostly instrumental mix of Cowley’s greatest tracks. It’s amazing. This shit is better than 99% of the “EDM” you hear on the radio these days, of course that’s really not saying that much is it?

2 Responses to “Gay Acid”

  1. Josh A says:

    Oh man, you really should check out the early Psychic TV singles, like “Godstar,” “Roman P” or their cover of “Good Vibrations.” It’s nothing like the acid house phase at all, but still really, really good.

    “Roman P” even found its way onto a Volkswagen commercial back in the mid-90s. That has to count for something, no?

    And once again, thanks for the post(s).

  2. Jason K says:

    I should have mentioned it last year when you originally posted it, but Menergy is awesome. I ended up playing it a few times when I DJ’d, and not just on my 80s night. I snuck it in inbetween indei-dance hits and it ruled. I searched and found the 12″ before this but yours might sound better. Thanks!

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