I Want More! Industrial

The records are piling up next to my computer again. Time for another marathon listening session I think. Those take…days.

I still haven’t made my way through all the records I bought while I was in Japan. I think part of my is subconsciously trying to postpone that inevitability as long as possible. As long as those records are next to my desk, waiting to be listened to, then I have a constant reminder of that trip and something to remind me of Japan everyday.

I miss Japan.


Anyways, good stuff this week I think. Should be sharing some really odd soundtracks and hopefully some oddball remixes as well. I’ve been trying to keep a pace of three posts a week going, but with two concerts (TMBG and Ash) this week, that might not hold up. We’ll see.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I sure had a shit Monday. Time for industrial music.

Nine Inch Nails
The Day The World Went Away (Porter Ricks)
I remember when the day the CD single for this song came out. It was the first release of new Nine Inch Nails in two years, and as a Reznor junkie I was pretty starved for new material. I got off work that day at 8pm and then drove directly to the mall to pick up a copy. I went into the local Suncoast and asked if the had it. I vividly remember the clerk saying, “Naw, so that mean’s ya’ll got about 20 minutes to walk down to the Camelot at the other end of the mall to see fif they got a copy.” So much nostalgia! CD singles coming out in America! (Multiple) record stores in malls! Ah, the 90s, those weren’t the days.

This weird remix wasn’t on the CD single I bought that day. This version was, and remains to this day, a vinyl only exclusive. One listen to it and I can tell why, this is a very experimental take on the track. Extremely minimal with barely a trace of Trent’s original vocals, with the entire “nah nah nah” but removed completely. It’s an interesting interpretation, that’s for sure.

I Want More (Row, Row, Row The Mix)
I Want More
Idiot Strength
Finitribe were an electronic act out of Scotland whose members at one time included influential industrial musician Chris Connelly. I don’t know if he’s on this song at all, all band credits are simply listed as “Finitribe.”

“I Want More” is a Can song, and this is a shockingly great cover of it. I never thought anyone would have been able to take a fairly minimal krautrock tune and remake it into a synthpop/industrial club banger. So good on them. “Idiot Strength” is an original tune and it’s also not half bad. I could totally see both of these tracks tearing up industrial dance clubs in the late 80s. Great Wax Trax! rarities.


5 Responses to “I Want More! Industrial”

  1. Chris says:

    Was it a coincidence that today was the day the Guardian published a leading article about TZ?

  2. Brian says:


    Love your work 🙂

    The Porter Ricks remix was released on this cd:


    kind regards


  3. CakeSaint says:

    To bring it full circle, you need to go to Japan and dig through the bins again…I found the Japanese version of the cd single mentioned above in Yokohama for 100 yen in 2011…

  4. Glenn S. says:

    I know what you mean about shopping in the 90s. There was a mall in Tampa that at one point had five CD stores if you counted the little shops just inside of Montgomery Ward and Sears … and I did count them. Got some dirt-cheap Bill Nelson cassettes at the store in Montgomery Ward and the store inside Sears was the first place I heard Odelay. Alas, those stores and the mall they were in are long gone now.

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