Smashing Mondays


News to me, the Super Deluxe edition of The Velvet Underground & Nico came out last month. I just bought it. Expect an review (with delicious waveforms) later this week or early next week.

News from me: I finally got a good interview lined up for my first feature on the new site. Details to come (on the new site).

News for everyone else: Music!

Smashing Pumpkins
1979 (Moby Mix)
1979 (Cement Mix)
In just a few weeks Billy Corgan will be re-releasing Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness as a massive 5CD+1DVD box set filled with demos, B-sides and other rarities. One would think that this would be a perfect time for Billy to re-release these 1979 remixes. That would make sense. That would be a good value to the consumer. That would be something a normal, rational human being  would do.

So of course, Billy Corgan is not doing that! Nope. These 1979 mixes will not be on the Mellon Collie re-issue. More perplexing (I mean, stupid) is that there will be some random brand new remixes of other Mellon Collie songs done by superstar DJ/producer/composer BT. Nothing against BT, I like BT (shit, I met BT once, and he’s a super-nice dude), but those new mixes do not belong on a re-issue that is supposed to be a representation of that album and the era around it. It reeks of a lame cash grab and for die-hard fans like me who want all their classic Pumpkins, stupid remixes and all, in one easy-to-find package, it’s a big downer.

But whatever, thanks Billy, for keeping your head firmly up your ass and making sites like mine relevant.

Also, these are some weird-ass mixes of “1979” and have almost nothing to do with the original song. You’ve been warned.


Happy Mondays
Sunshine And Love (Far Island Mix) 
Sunshine And Love (Junior Mix)
Sunshine And Love (12″ Remix)
Stinkin Thinkin (Boys Own Mix)
Stinkin Thinkin ( Junior Style Mix)
I don’t know how many people out there are begging for remixes of Yes Please! era Happy Mondays tracks – but a complete lack of relevance, demand or acclaim (even from myself) has never stopped me from posting music before!

The best of the bunch here are the 12″ Remix of “Sunshine and Love” and the Junior Style Mix of “Stinkin Thinkin.” They’re solid dance mixes, both keeping what is good about the originals while making them ideal tracks “for the club.” The other mixes, especially the other “Sunshine and Love” mixes, just strip out damn near everything about the original versions and turn them into near-instrumental house tracks. And while I love some instrumental house tracks, I want a bit more from my Happy Mondays remixes, thank you very much.

Also, I don’t know about the entirety of Yes Please!, but “Stinkin Thinkin” is a great fucking song dammit and I don’t want to hear anyone say otherwise.


6 Responses to “Smashing Mondays”

  1. Mister Element says:

    Big Thanks for that Cement Mx!!!!!

    Mad, crazy, stupid ILL!!!!

  2. djtweety says:

    I’ve been dying for these HM mixes digitally! Sunshine and Love, Tweety

  3. Jason K says:

    I think the BT mixes on the Smashing Pumpkins aren’t just banging dance remixes. Most likely a BT mix, as in polishing up whatever vocal tracks Billy had sitting around.

  4. Chele Belle says:

    Thanks for the 1979 [Moby Mix]. Had a non-complete copy. This is a treasure to me so thanks for sharing.

  5. Lex Luger says:

    The “BT” who remixed these songs is not Brian Transeau, but Bjorn Thorsrud. Do some research before posting incorrect information.

  6. Lost Turntable says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t think that someone would be stupid enough to take a stage name that was already taken by one of the most famous DJs and producers on the planet.

    Also, here’s how you say this politely:

    “Hey, I know this is confusing, but actually the BT that did these mixes isn’t the same one that you mentioned, he’s actually Bjorn Thorsrud. Thought you might like to know that!”

    Now piss off.

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