Duran Michael Duran

Been a hectic week. Deluna Fest was a lot of fun and I plan on writing something about it next week sometime. I’ve also had a lot of actual honest to goodness writing work to do too, which feels great. Although whenever that happens the blog kind of falls to the back burner. Hence the lack of posts all week and the relatively brevity of tonight’s post. But hey, the music is pretty rad. More music next week I promise. I got a lot of great stuff to record, you’ll all dig it.

Duran Duran
Girls On Film (Tin Tin Out Mix)
Girls On Film (Tall Paul Mix 1)
Girls On Film (8 Millimetre Mix)
If I made a list of Duran Duran singles in order of greatness, I think “Girls On Film” would fall somewhere in the middle. Sure, it’s no “Rio” or “Hungry Like A Wolf,” but it’s certainly better than “I Don’t Want Your Love” or pretty much anything the group put out int he late 80s that I can remember. What I’m saying is, I think it’s good, but I really have no strong feelings about it either way. So…yeah…sorry if that’s not enthralling copy for y’all, but sometimes I got nothing.

George Michael
Killer/Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone (P.M. Dawn Remix)
Killer/Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone (P.M. Dawn Remix) (Extended Version)
“Killer” is the “Bridge Over Troubled Water” of dance/pop song. Who hasn’t done this song by now? I don’t know why anyone bothers though, any of the versions featuring Seal are the best. The most anyone else can hope for is second place. Actually, make that third place, because these remixes of George Michael’s version (that is a medly with “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”) are pretty damn great too. That’s really saying something coming from me too, because I fucking hate “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.”

3 Responses to “Duran Michael Duran”

  1. KiDG says:

    Have you heard this band, 2:54 cover Killer yet? Pretty good for me…

    Link: http://soundcloud.com/twofiftyfour/2-54-killer

  2. KiDG says:

    Thanks for the free tracks too. Quality as always…

  3. SteveA says:

    I managed to see Duran Duran last month in Saratoga, and they gave a great show. The classics like Rio, Girls….were met with warm embrace and a bunch of 40 somthings dancing like it was back in 1982! I newer tracks – i.e. when they went all 80’s disco/pop – were just OK!

    Of course I think anything that George puts his musical talent to is just the best!

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