A Crapton of Electronic Music (Too Tired to be Witty, Sorry)

I know I promised my guide to ripping vinyl this week, but I’m sorry to say that I lied. That’s going to have to wait at least a week, if not two. Life is getting in the way, mostly in a good way, but definitely in a way that makes writing a 2,000+ how-to guide for fun kind of a low priority assignment.

Speaking of things I’ve written that are approximately 2,000 words. If you are in a bookstore and see the latest copy of Goldmine (the one with Dennis DeYoung on the cover) and you want to read something I wrote, pick it up! I did a feature on Super Deluxe Box Sets. I’m pretty proud of it. You should read it. Seriously. If you do I’ll, like, be your best friend and stuff.

Oh, and I have a new post at my other blog, Random Record Reviews, read that too. I mean, if you want.

Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Darren Price Remix)
Dinosaur Adventure 3D (R.C.M. Version)
Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Sharpside Remix)
Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Funk D Void Vocal Remix)
Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots – Vocal Mix)
Two Months Off (John Ciafone Vocal Remix)
“Dinosaur Adventure 3D” is a great title for a not-so-great tune, while “Two Months Off” is a bland title to one hell of a great dance track. The “Two Months Off” remixes are especially good because they still leave in the vocals, which were the best part of the song, while reworking the music that was a little bit weak on the original version.

Evil (Ewin Pearson Remix)
There’s a version of this remix on Amazon and iTunes, but it’s mysteriously a minute shorter than this one, which I snagged from a 12″ single. Great tune, one of Ladytron’s best. I love the line “Use you evil when you want.”

If I had any evil in me I’d probably screw it up somehow and use it to rescue puppies or something.

Lupus (Jimmy Van M/Cass & Slide Remix)
Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg’s Scotland Mix)
Sorry Dr. House, this time is it Lupus. And an awesome remix of the Sasha/Emerson tune “Scorchio.” These are from a weird 12″ I found called Unreleased DJ Mixes. Which if you think about it is a total bullshit title, since I’m holding it in my hand and it was obviously released. I guess Previously Unreleased DJ Mixes didn’t sound as catchy.

The Chemical Brothers
Out Of Control (Sasha Instrumental Mix)
I really wanted to put up the regular club mix of this excellent track, but you can find that one on Amazon. So I only have the Instrumental version to offer, sorry! Even without the vocals, this tune still nails it though.

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