Happy Anime Soundtrack Funtime

This album is so weird and obscure that I don’t even know what’s on it.











Do You Remember…? TV Animation Hero
This is a Japanese LP from 1983 featuring 16 classic cartoon theme songs from shows like Astro Boy and Tetsujin-28 (AKA Gigantor). It’s a pretty awesome record, and not just for the music, it also came with a bunch of sweet swag.

There are these great stickers, which I bet ended up on many a Japanese child’s lunchbox in the early 80s.












Then there’s this neat book. The cover looks like it should be in 3D, but it’s not. If you use red/blue 3D glasses on it you see a different image for each color. It’s a pretty cute little trick.












Inside is mostly text, I assume its about the cartoons in question.











Whomever had this record first kept it in amazing shape. I also have an order form that came with it









As well as the OBI strip. These are paper strips that are usually on the covers of LPs in Japan, they have the price and other information on them.











So do you want to know what’s on the actual record itself?

Well guess what, so do I! There is next to no English text to be found on this record, the sleeve, the linear notes or anywhere else. I was only able to get the title of the record after I showed it to a Japanese friend, but they didn’t have time to go over the rest of the LP for me.

Here are the tracks I do know, thanks to some sleuthing on YouTube.

Track 1: Tetsujin-28
Track 9: Astro Boy
Track 13: 8Man

As for the remaining 13, I got nothing. And that’s where you come in.

You fancy yourself a Japanophile? Or are you from Japan? If so, and you can translate the album’s tracklisting, let me know in the comments! If I get the actual tracklisting I’ll be sure to update the zip file with the correct information.

Let’s crowdsource this people!

And thanks to one awesome commentor we have mission accomplished! Thank you for your help!

5 Responses to “Happy Anime Soundtrack Funtime”

  1. bradlby says:

    Here ya go!

    1: Tetsujin 28 gou (Gigantor)
    2: Big X
    3: Wonder 3
    4: Obake no Q-taro
    5: Super Jetter
    6: Himitsu no Akko-chan
    7: Bokura no Paaman
    8: Mahoutsukai Sally
    9: Tetsuwan Atom (Astro boy)
    10: Ookami Shounen Ken
    11: Yuke Yuke Hyuma (this is a song from the show Kyojin no Hoshi)
    12: Ore wa Kaibutsu-kun da
    13: 8man
    14: Tiger Mask
    15: Uchuu Shonen Soran
    16: Harisu no Kaze

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    AWESOME! Thank you so much!

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks very much for the share. Never heard of this but it looks excellent!

  4. Drain says:

    awww no gatchaman theme song? bummer 🙁 lol. but seriously though, thanks! i really do enjoy anime theme songs and these should make some fine additions to my collection as well!

  5. CakeSaint says:

    Pretty cool 80s Japan artifact!

    FYI, the order form is actually a survey about music listening habits, which if you completed and sent it back, gave you a chance at winning a free LP from the same record company. Five percent of responders were chosen each month. The liner notes do seem to be about the TV anime shows that the themes came from, but they text is a little small to make them out completely. Thanks for the upload!

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