This Post Is An Accurate Microcosm Of My Record Collection

My 80s dance party continues. Seems like the best way to get in the holiday spirit if you ask me.

Right By Your Side (Extended Mix)
This song is adorable. I want to hug it. So cute, so lovey-dovey, I should hate it…but it’s just so nice!

What’s not nice, however, is my recording of it. The distortion you hear on the track is caused by the record itself, not my recording equipment; my encoding equipment; your speakers; or an evil space monkey. Okay, maybe an evil space monkey is to blame. If anyone has a version of the song that has not been tainted by an evil space monkey that destroys record grooves, let me know. I’ll repay your kindness handsomely.

Thomas Dolby
Airheads’ Revenge
Revenge Rap
Airhead (Def Ears Mix) 
Airhead (Rusty’s Mix)
The subject of “Airhead” is a woman who Thomas Dolby believes to be of sub-par intelligence. It’s a funny song that manages to lay out a few funny insults while avoiding sexist tropes. Even better though, is the “Airhead’s Revenge” track, in which the subject of Dolby’s derision gets back at him…via a dope rap diss track! Oh snap! She’s there to tell him that HE is the airhead, and that he better shut his mouth before she shuts it for him. Kind of awesome, but entirely bizarre at the same time.

The “Revenge Rap” mix is just her diss track, with none of Dolby’s vocals, while the final two remixes are just alternate versions of the original song, with no rapping to be found. So if you like your rap and new wave synthpop segregated (you racist) then you’ll probably like those more.

Enjoy the new wave/rap/wtf hybrid. And just remember that the man who created it is the same man who helped to create the technology that made polyphonic ringtones possible.

Adam Ant
Room At the Top (7″ Radio Mix)
Room At The Top (Extended Version)
Room At The Top (House Vocal)
A song from the 20th century about a person with an 18th century brain in a 21st century head that was written by a man who liked to dress like he was from the 19th century. Fuckin’…80s man…I don’t know. It’s a good song though.


5 Responses to “This Post Is An Accurate Microcosm Of My Record Collection”

  1. dubrobots says:

    Burning The Ground has a decent rip of the Eurythmics 12

    Coincidentally, he also posted the Adam Ant 12″ yesterday

  2. Glenn S. says:

    ABC had a 12″ version of “The Night You Murdered Love” that also did the female-rapper-dissing-the-singer thing. Must have been a bit of a mini-trend at the time.

  3. Lost Turntable says:

    Ha! That’s funny. I totally didn’t know that. Great minds rip alike.

  4. Do the liner notes for the single say who the female rapper is? The voice sounds so familiar.

  5. Tim says:

    Some of the new wave bands tried to incorporate rap into music as their career stateside waned in the mid- to late 1980’s. Above poster is correct about ABC, Level 42 is another one with mixes of “Something About You” that has Mark King rapping (thankfully briefly). ABC and Level 42 were circa 85/86. Dolby has dabbled with rap prior to that, he essentially re-wrote his early track “Puppet Theatre” as ”Magic Wand” for rap act Whodini (also producing the track).

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