Falling into a Pretty Soundwave

Pearl Jam update for those wondering.

Over at the Ten Club message boards there are over 600 posts in the thread petitioning for a re-release of the deluxe Blu-ray/DVD sets. Ten Club’s stance remains that the discs will not be re-pressed, despite the fact that it appears they haven’t even been pressed in the first place due to a manufacturing error. They refuse to say why. The twitter accounts for Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready remain silent on the matter – despite this, my polite harrassment has not stopped.

The second disc of extras is oddly available on iTunes as a digital download, which I suspect is the real reason why they won’t re-issue the set – another fucking exclusivity deal. I find it odd that Pearl Jam is more than happy to take money from big businesses, but not from eager fans who are more than willing to pay for this content.

Since they aren’t though, if you are a Pearl Jam fan and want this footage, I suggest you steal it from torrents, it’ll be up there soon enough. I bought the second disc of extras on iTunes and while the content itself is AMAZING, the presentation blows, the video quality is shit, and you can’t burn it to disc (on a related note, if you know how to do this, let me know).

Anyways, enough of this depressing corporate bullshit, let’s listen to an incredibly odd assortment of 80s dance music.

Shockingly enough, both of the singles from which I got these songs came out in 1987. They sound like they were recorded in different dimensions, let alone different years.

Pretty Poison
Catch Me (I’m Falling) (12″ Mix)
Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dub Mix)
Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dance Mix)
Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Radio Mix)
I think this song is right up there with Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts” as “the most 80s shit ever.” In fact, I think it might be even more 80s than “Two Of Hearts.” While both feature that awesome “let’s sample the lead singer’s vocals and play it on the keyboard” effect, “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” edges out “Two of Hearts” in a few ways in terms of all-out-80s-amazingness. First of all, it was featured in the soundtrack to Hidin’ Out, a movie starring Brat Packer Jon Cryer. Secondly, the lead singer’s name is Jade Starling. Thirdly, and most importantly, its video is bloody amazing, filled with just about every 80s dance video stereotype imaginable. Random people jumping through the air? Check. Giant dyed hair? Triple check. A keytar? Fuck yeah check (oh, and the dude playing the keytar went by the name Whey Cooler. WHEY COOLER!). And a random shot of someone singing while looking through the blinds at sunset? Oh yeah check.

Most 80s shit ever.

Renegade Soundwave
Kray Twins
Renegade Theme
Kray Twins (Terror Drum Mix)
Kray Twins (7″ Easy Mix)
Kray Twins (Dragon Bass Sound System Mix)
I’m not going to lie, between the artists I’m posting tonight, I’d much rather listen to the Pretty Poison remixes than these cuts by Renegade Soundwave. “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” may be dumb as shit, but it’s also catchy as shit, and as a result, more than a little bit brilliant. “Kray Twins” is just…well…weird? I don’t even know. I usually love me some Renegade Soundwave too, but I just do not get this song. I thought my turntable was playing at the wrong speed at first. But hey, it’s still worth a listen or two. I do enjoy the last remix, some proto-DNB in there for sure.

Also, The Kray Twins were real people. Read up on them, fascinating stuff.

5 Responses to “Falling into a Pretty Soundwave”

  1. Drain says:

    wow, i don’t think i’ve heard that pretty poison song since ’87 lol. but seriously though…that dudes name was actually whey cooler? ay guey…

  2. DJBenW says:

    Using Nero to burn iTunes videos works for me. You just have to rename the file to “mp4” for the software to recognize it.

  3. Renegade Soundwave is one of those bands I’ve always wanted to like, but just haven’t been able to. I first heard them on the Mute Tonal Evidence compilation with a remix of “Biting My Nails”, which I adore to this day. Sadly I’ve found nothing else

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    Which Nero program? Nero Vision? I just tried that. It didn’t work.

  5. Lost Turntable says:

    Cocaine Sex is a pretty good tune too.

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