The Human League is Totally Awesome

Don’t you want me OOOOOHooooooohOOOOOOOHooooooooooooh


Pet Shop Boys
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk (Brother Brown’s Newt Mix) 
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk (Attaboy Still Love You When We’re Sober Mix)
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk (The T-Total Mix)
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk (Brother Brown’s Newt Dub)
I bought this, along with three other Pet Shop Boys singles today. That brings my total PSB singles count to 40. Forty. Four-zero. That is a lot of fabulous. The only artist I have more singles of is Erasure, and possibly Madonna – I have to recount. One day I’m going to get all the singles from Erasure, the Pet Shop Boys and Madonna and I’m going to open the best gay bar ever. I’m sure that’ll help me get all the women.

I don’t have much to say about these mixes, probably because this isn’t one of my favorite PSB tracks. I like the stutter edit on the title lyric, but other than that, I find it pretty bland, kind of like a slightly more upbeat (musically, not lyrically) version of “Rent.” The T-Total mix has a great beat though and they’re all still worth a listen if you like the Boys.

The Human League
Don’t You Want Me (Snap 12″ Extended Remix)
Don’t You Want Me (Red Jerry 12″ Remix)

Okay, I need help here, is the “Snap” who created this rather amazing remix of “Don’t You Want Me” the same Snap who brought us “The Power?” Someone find this shit out, it’s important. If that is the case, then this remix is automatically 8 billion times better than it already is, and that’s saying something since as it stands now it’s pretty freaking radical. Equally bitchin’ is the Red Jerry mix. I actually know who that is though, he’s a DJ from the UK. Although I only know this because he inexplicably has a Wikipedia page. Yay for needless wiki pages! They make hasty midnight research oh so much easier.

I’m going to rock out to these mixes all night. Who the fuck needs sleep? I have awesome synthpop.

Everytime You Touch Me (John Blackford Remix)
“Everytime You Touch Me” is one of my top five 90s house tracks of all time. It’s one of the most energetic, upbeat and lovey-dovey dance tunes ever and it makes me happy everytime I hear it. At least, that was the case until I heard this crazy remix, which was actually the winning submission in a fan remix contest by Moby and Elektra back in the mid-90s. This mix is nothing like the original. It strips away all of the positive feelings and energy of the original and replaces them with minimal melodies and creepy as all fuck vocal samples, including this gem:

“I always had a suspicion that it might be supremely pleasurable to be humiliated by a beautiful woman. It was only now I realized what this could entail.”

Okay…um…ew. I’m going to have to listen to those “Don’t You Want Me” remixes about a billion more times just to get this creepfest out of my brain.

Don’t you want me OOOOOHooooooohOOOOOOOHooooooooooooh!!!!!!!

Damn that song is awesome.

4 Responses to “The Human League is Totally Awesome”

  1. CakeSaint says:

    Thanks for this post. I especially appreciate when you post vinyl-only remixes of my favorites — in this case, the Brother Brown Newt Dub of YOTMYLMWYD — since I just can’t find and acquire every vinyl single I want, and this one was left off the three(!) CD singles for that release. Excellent blog!

  2. john says:

    Red Jerry did one or two (or three) Sunscreem remixes back in the day… very good ones. Speaking of Sunscreem, I’m surprised you have not shown them rabid fandom like you have most agreeably shown for PSB and Erasure and DM and NewOrder. I find them to be nearly on the same level. As always though- thank you so much for having such impeccable taste. btw, that Brother Brown DUB knocked me for a loop…I never knew of it’s existance.

  3. Tim says:

    I just love the original version of YOTMYLMWYD and was thrilled to hear it was a single. Bought the three cd single set and thought the mixes were some of the worst PSB mixes, ever, right down there with the abomination that were the Liberation mixes.

    Having totally lost your attention, Scottish band TEXAS have a b-side where they cover “Don’t You Want Me” with Sharleen Spiteri doing the guys vocals and the gals vocals were done by……Phil Oakley. They do lots of covers in their concerts and this one is dead dead dead good.

  4. kareol says:

    it’s actually the same Snap who gave us The Power.

    btw, discogs is the best and most reliable database you can find on the internet

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