Praga to God that I Khan get this record

Damn video games.

Allow me to elaborate.

Last week I purchased Driver San Francisco. It’s a shockingly great game and return to form for a series that I thought went to the shitter ages ago. I highly suggest picking it up.

I didn’t preorder the game when it came out, but the dude working the Gamestop still gave me the preorder bonus, a perfectly nice travel mug with the Driver logo on it. Kind of stupid, but whatever, I like free crap.

I was content with that, until I found out that UK retailers got their own pre-order bonus for the game: a freaking 180g yellow vinyl LP with selections from the game’s (amazing) soundtrack! Goddammit! That’s the second time us Americans have been screwed out of awesome video game vinyl! But hey, I was able to get that record thanks to an awesome person who reads this blog.

So…are you an awesome person who reads this blog? Can you get a copy of this vinyl and mail it to me? If so, I will repay you in cash and in MP3s.

My email is on the sidebar to the right, if you think you can hook me up please drop me a line.

Short post today. Bigger post tomorrow.

Praga Khan
My Mind Is My Enemy (A Mind Is a Dangerous Thing Mix)
My Mind Is My Enemy (Quick Frontal Mix)
Luv u Still (Our Love Is Eternal Mix)
Praga Khan has an album called Pragamatic and another called Khantastic. I respect that level of commitment to such a stupid alias.

I’m not that familiar with Khan’s solo work, although I notice that much of it seems to be of the EBM/industrial-dance variety,dark songs about how much he hates humanity; how much humanity hates him; or how much relationships suck.

This is of course in stark contrast with his work with Lords of Acid, a band whose catalog almost solely consists of songs about crotches and what people do with them.

They recently got back together (with a different lineup) and have just released their first single; “My Little Rabbit.” It’s about a big plastic vibrator. Nice to see that some things never change I guess.

Honestly, that song sounds pretty damn horrible. These tracks, however, are not. You should listen to them. Then, if you dig the remix to “Luv U Still” then I suggest you check out the album version – that track is one of the best acid house songs ever, no question.

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  1. Drain says:

    yeah, i caught a clip of ‘mighty little rabbit’ not too long ago and it didn’t sound all that great. although what’s interesting is that i saw them play here in march, they did that song and it actually sounded pretty good. maybe it’s a song that only sounds good live?

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