Early 90s electronic music for the win – Aphex Twin and 808 State

I rarely post music that I was into when it was originally released, but I can proudly say that I was listening to music by tonight’s artists back when they were the cutting edge of all things electronic. I’m not that cool though, I wasn’t rocking out to these at illegal midnight raves or anything like that. No, instead they served as background music to countless Doom marathons and Punisher comic book reading sessions.

It’s amazing I turned out as well-adjusted as I did. …okay, maybe it’s amazing that I’m not more fucked up than I already am.

Enjoy, and tune in Monday, if you think this shit is weird…just wait.

Aphex Twin
Vaz Deferenz
Ice Hedral (Philip Glass Orchestration)
Pancake Lizard
Is there an artist out there as diverse and batshit crazy as Richard D. James?  Take these three tracks, all of which are from the single to “Donkey Rhubarb.” “Vaz Defernz” (named after the part of the male anatomy that allows for ejaculation) is a pounding track that’s about two steps removed from full-on acid house, but it’s followed up by Philip Glass’ orchestral version of “Ice Hedral,” one of the most haunting and beautiful tracks you’re likely to ever hear. Then that’s followed by “Pancake Lizard,” a simple, quiet and almost playful electronic piece that’s nearly ambient. And they’re all B-sides, yet more amazing than anything you’re likely to hear from mainstream electronic/dance music today. Has James put anything out since the Analord series? I miss him.

808 State
Cubik (Pan American Experience)
Cubik (Kings County Perspective)
In Yer Face (Mancunian Delight)
Cubik (Kings County Dub)
You know how many versions of “Cubik” there are? Me neither, but it’s a fucking lot. On my computer I have the original version; the “Tomix” remix; the 88 and 98 remixes, the Dominator/Cubik mashup by Soulwax and these three versions from the “Cubik” single I picked up at Amoeba in San Francisco. That’s eight different versions. They should just pull a Moby, make them into one massive mix and release that as a CD. That would be epic. Or should I say “epik?”

No, I probably shouldn’t have.

3 Responses to “Early 90s electronic music for the win – Aphex Twin and 808 State”

  1. Jenny says:

    I think there was that one song that was accompanied by Chris Cunningham’s rubber Johnny video..I think. But anyway, I can’t get all into Richard D James..it’s just that face! that goddamned evil face!

  2. Homer J from UK says:

    Have u ever heard of a record made out of sandpaper-one of Aphex Twin’s promo’s was supposed 2 be unplayable as it was a circular disc of sandpaper! Can anyone verify it! He’s definately one of a kind ! Good posts !

  3. Hovercraft says:

    No, I believe the story was that James placed the arm of the record player on sandpaper at a concert and that the audience thought it was seriously hard metal and got down to it. I’m sure that was not actually part of a record release.

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