In A Big Funky

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Big Country
In A Big Country (Live)
I found this on a strange record called Vertigo Sampler. It’s a 2LP sampler, with one label each getting a side. Phonogram got the A-side, Beggars Banquet the B-side, Polygram the C-side and 4AD rounding out the collection with the D-side. That means you get an album with Colourbox, Mark Knopfler, Big Country, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, ABC and The Cult all together. And the whole thing originally cost the price of a 12″ single.

It was probably a great way to expose music fans to new artists they might not hear otherwise, so it’s a safe bet that record companies today would never try it.

According to the linear notes, this live version was recorded in Austin, Texas on March 22nd, 1984.

Herbie Hancock
Chameleon (Special ’83 Dance Remix)
This shit is funky with a capital UNKY.

Okay, so that didn’t make much sense. But that’s how good this jam is, it destroys your ability to form complete sentences. It’s a 14-minute funkgasm that will have you funking the funky night away until you can’t funk no more. If case you were wondering where this funksplosion came from, I found it off of a super-funky 12′ single for “Autodrive.”


Belinda Carlisle
Band of Gold (Extended Mix)
Band of Gold (Dub Mix)
Band of Gold (Single Mix)
Most upbeat song about a downbeat topic ever? I think so.

While I get the basic gist of this tune, does anyone know what the hell this song is actually about? I’ve heard two prevailing theories. One, put forth by original singer Freda Payne, is that the woman singing the song is “frigid” and unwilling to consummate the romance on the couple’s wedding night. However, I’ve also heard another theory that it’s about the how the husband is either impotent or gay, and that’s why they can’t get it on. Either way, that’s a weird topic for a disco classic.

These remixes from from a 12″ single, and the also feature Freda Payne as a ringer on backup vocals.

3 Responses to “In A Big Funky”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Good call on ‘Chameleon’,i’ve only ever heard that in a Megamix b4.Now i know why i like ‘Cellphones Dead-BECK'(genius with words)!

  2. Kitty says:

    “Hoping you
    would walk back through that door
    and love me like you tried before”

    It seems pretty clear it’s the singer’s spouse who has intimacy issues, for whatever reason.
    I like Bonnie Tyler & Jim Steinman’s version best. Such a perfect storm.

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