808 States And Heartbreaks

Go Mavs!

Aw shit, now I have to update my blog five times next week!

Oh well, it if means that LeBron James is sad and angry then it’s worth the work.

808 State
Cubik:98 (Victor Calderone Remix)
Cubik (Tomix)
Ooops (Utsula Head Remix)
Ooops (Mellow Birds Remix)
Ooops (Eric’s Kup of Hysteria Remix)
Ooops (Eric’s Kup of Hysteria Edit)

So this is weird.

I found this 12″ to “Cubik” a couple week ago, which I promptly bought and listened to. After rocking out to it for a bit I decided to revisit Ex:El, the classic 808 State album from which it came.

Now, I have Ex:El on both vinyl and CD, and I never got around to ripping my CD version. When I popped it into my computer, I discovered that the CD version of Ex:El that I have has a drastically different mix of “Cubik” on it.

Nearly every release of Ex:El just as the regular version, while some also have the Pan Am mix and other additional mixes on a bonus disc. My version of the CD doesn’t have any of those, instead it has a crazy nine minute version of the track that isn’t on any other version! After doing some digging on Discogs, I discovered that this is the “Tomix” version.

Still, it’s weird that no other version of this album has that mix. How the hell did that happen? It’s totally the best version!

Since no digital version of Ex:El has the “Tomix” mix I’m including it here for your listening pleasure, as well as some remixes of the Bjork-featured “Ooops,” which are all from the 12″ single. Enjoy the mixes while I frantically plan to create five day’s of content for next week.



11 Responses to “808 States And Heartbreaks”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    My CD just has the PanAm To State Mix & the Original Mix. Please don’t say the double vinyl LP has the 9 minute mix,as i think i’ve put it in a charity shop already.
    Personally i think ’90’ & ‘Quadrastate'(CD & vinyl) r better,as 90 has more filler!

  2. Homer J says:

    Of course i meant Ex:El has more filler !
    Doh !

  3. Homer J says:

    I just ‘listened’ to the Tomix & Calderone Mixes. I like the Tomix(which i’ve heard b4),but didn’t like the other. Keep up the good work. I hear their site used 2 have loads of downloads!

  4. Derek says:

    THANK YOU!! I have trying to figure this out. I copied my buddy’s EX’EL to tape way back in 1991-ish. I love this album and I wore the tape out. When I finally bought my own CD, I was surprised the version of cubik was different. I have been trying to figure out for years why – and what the version was called.

  5. Eric Blendermann says:

    Thanks for these great mixes, I’ve always loved this album! “Techno Bell” is still, after all these years, one of my favorites to mix and just generally rock out on…

  6. Homer J from UK says:

    Lost Turntable-did u find the lost track(13 Olympik)on side 1 of ‘Ex:El’?

  7. Lost Turntable says:

    I don’t think my copy has that, sorry.

  8. Homer J from UK says:

    I meant end of CD1 of ‘Ex:El’,it’s track 13,about 4 mins 24 secs long. I only found it thru ripping the CD. It’s probably the Flutey 7″,like i used 2 have on cassette single(nice mix that one).

  9. Lost Turntable says:

    My CD only has 12 tracks on it it seems.

  10. Homer J from UK says:

    Mmm hidden tracks,rare versions of CD’s… He he he ! d;0)>

  11. Cake Saint says:

    The first US CD version of Ex:El had the “Tomix” on it (and no “Olympic”), but the UK version and subsequent reprints of the US CD did not. The US cassette (the way I originally bought the album back in the day) also had the same mix, though I’m not sure about the vinyl. I love this version and searched for a long time to find one of the original US CDs. Thanks for the great blog!

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