The Indie Man is still The Man

First things first: another Japan benefit album. This one is a little more indie, but it’s super-diverse and features artists from all over the world. Check it out.

I’ve also went ahead and add a section to my sidebar listing all the Japanese benefit albums, complete with links as to where you can get them.

I planned on posting a lot more from my Record Store Day stash tonight. But one of the Record Store Day founders commented on my last post and politely asked me to chill with that, so I will. Check out that post for his comment, as well as my response.

However, I did tell him I would be posting one more Record Store Day release. I just can’t withhold something so weird…

Duran Duran
Girl Panic! (David Lynch Remix)
Yes. That David Lynch. The director of Eraserhead, Wild At Heart, Mullholland Drive and Lost Highway has gotten into the remix business for some reason. Although assigning anything resembling reason to anything that Lynch does is probably a bold move.

His take on “Girl Panic!” (a standout track from Duran Duran’s excellent new record All You Need Is Now) is actually pretty good though, and it adds an odd ominous vibe to the track. I mean, its’ not Dennis Hopper doing nitrous while Isabella Rossellini runs around butt naked ominous, but still – it’s not bad.

Sexy Boy (Radio Edit)
Sexy Boy (Etienne De Crecy Et Les Flower Pistols Remix)
Jeanne (Avec Francoise Hardy)
Sexy Boy (Cassius Remix)
That song is totally about me. These are from a 12″ single.

3 Responses to “The Indie Man is still The Man”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    That 12” of Air is the only one i have(i love the 2nd mix)& first track i heard of them,excellent. So glad i could ‘listen’ 2 these songs as my r scratched 2 bits now & jump. Thank’s Mr Lost Turntable,keep up the good work. d:0)

  2. Jose says:

    Thanks for the love fam…. you have a great blog here man, loving it. Also loving that subtitle….that’s rare. lol

  3. Joan says:

    Hey, love your blog! I really miss the days of the vinyl records. My kids think I’m crazy, but nothing sounds quite the same. I didn’t find the Japan benefit album. Is it posted somewhere else? It sounds like something I might be interested in. Keep up the good work.

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