This Post Blows

Tonight’s post has a theme, see if you can guess what it is.

Renegade Soundwave
Cocaine Sex
Kray Twins
“Cocaine Sex”  is unapologetically pro-cocaine in such a way that its damn near quaint. At one point it even goes as far as to recommend that you “buy it” and “try it.” Gotta love that reckless regard for social responsibility. If your knowledge of blow was limited entirely to that song then you’d probably want to go out and snort some snow right after listening to it. If you’re looking for an anti-drug counterargument to the rampant “Just Say Yes!” philosophy of “Cocaine Sex” then just listen to “Kray Twins.” Its the kind of pointless stupidity that would only sound good while high. Both these tracks are b-sides to Renegade Soundwave’s amazing “Biting My Nails.”

Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel
White Lines (Don’t Do It) (Freestryle Remix Edit)
Bonus Lines
Supposedly Melle Mel had a pile of blow under his mic while recording this track, and did hits between takes. Now THAT is a cognitive disconnect. But hey, cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Duran Duran
White Lines (Sound Factory Dub)
White Lines (Sound Factory Dub 2)
White Lines (Global Groove Mix)
White Lines (Freestyle Mix)
White Lines (Rif Raf Mix)
I already posted these remixes a couple years ago or so. But what can I say…

11 Responses to “This Post Blows”

  1. Homer J from UK says:

    Personally i prefer ‘The Phantom(especially the ‘Turntable Scratch Mix’)’,’Ozone Breakdown’,or even ‘Probably A Robbery’.
    I fucking love ‘White Lines’,but i prefer the UK Mastermind mix of it !
    Don’t do it,ba ba baby !!! d;0)>

  2. Drain says:

    wow! i’ve been looking for the original version of ‘cocaine sex’ ever since a nocturne cover version of it popped up on an underground records compilation a few years ago.

  3. Jp says:

    Hello J., i don’t know if you’ll remember me ? I’m a DM fan and we used to chat by e-mail last year. Thanks for the Renegade Soundwave tracks! You got an extended version of “Biting my nails” and “Probably a robbery” ? I never could get a hand on it (the RS records are hard to find especially these ones). Maybe a future RS post ? Thanks again for the tracks. Jp

  4. Lost Turntable says:

    That’s all the RSW I have for now. If I ever get more it’ll be here I promise!

  5. Jp says:

    Thanks ( by the way i love the bear picture… )

  6. hiro-protagonist says:

    kray twins was such an odd song.

  7. dubrobots says:

    Pretty much all the RSW you could ever want here

    Link removed

  8. Lost Turntable says:

    Never give me links to sites that share stuff that can easily be bought legally.

    Furthermore, never give me links to shit sites like that one, which flood your computer with bullshit pop-ups ads and fill the screen with fake “DOWNLOAD HERE” links that take you to spam and spyware sites! Grrrr.

  9. dubrobots says:

    There’s nothing like a bit of gratitude, and that was nothing like a bit of gratitude. If you can buy the CD singles legally, then good luck to you. And perhaps it’s an idea not to click the fake links, that tends to work for me. I also generally ignore emails from blind African orphans asking for my bank details.

  10. Lost Turntable says:

    Hey, if you would have given me a link that had just the singles and nothing else, then I would have happily taken them, although I still would have deleted the link because that site is full of malicious links. “It’s an idea not to click on the fake links” well hey, no shit, but not everyone in the world is computer savy, and if they are just following a link like the one you gave, with no prior knowledge of that site, then they could be confused.

    Figuring out why I deleted your comment and asked you not to share similar sites again is not that hard to understand. I didn’t call you an idiot or anything for doing it, did I? No need to be a dick about it.

  11. dubrobots says:

    Just trying to be helpful and to share, which is what I thought the whole thing was meant to be about. Another commenter was looking for more RSW and you said you didn’t have any more. As I’d stumbled upon that site a little while ago, I thought I was in a position to help out. Lesson learned, won’t bother again. And if I was being “a dick” it was only in response to the tone of your reply. If you’d have said it a little more nicely, I’d have been less dickish. Hell, if you’d been a little more pleasant about it, I’d have taken the time to re-upload the stuff myself to a less spyware-ridden site, cos I’m nice like that. You have to give nice to get nice though.

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