Have a Belgium Electronica Christmas

So Christmas is rapidly approaching. Oh joy. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love my some Christmas. I get good gifts and I get to see family I like. Unfortunately, that family is in Ohio and to see them I’ll have to spend a whole freaking week in the state where hope dies.

I plan on getting in two more posts before then though. I have some remixes of a kinda-sorta holiday tune I want to get in here before Christmas comes around, and I want to give you all the Christmas present of horrible/amazing disco. I don’t want to say too much, I’ll just say that the album I plan on uploading this Christmas Eve may, in fact, be the stupidest fucking thing I have ever put on this blog. And when you look back and see some of the shit I’ve subjected you all to, that is really…really saying something! So you all have that to look forward to this week, which is nice.

Until then, Belgium electronic music! Enjoy.

Club Montepulciano (Bugs Downtown Remix)
Club Montepulciano (Bugs Uptown Remix)
Club Montepulciano (Hooverphonic Funk Remix)
Club Montepulciano (808 State Remix)

I never heard of Hooverphonic before I bought this 12”, which I picked up only because I saw 808 State’s name on one of the remixes. I’m glad I did though, because these remixes are some funky chilled out shit (that’s a good thing). This is the most chill stuff I’ve ever heard from Belgium, of course the only other bands I know from that country are Soulwax and Lords of Acid, neither band being known for relaxing, mellow grooves.

Lords of Acid
Do What You Wanna Do (D.O.’s Pleasure And Pain Mix)
Do What You Wanna Do (Jade And Khan Erotix Mix)
Do What You Wanna Do (Carl Says “Do It Boy” Mix)
I Sit On Acid ’95
Sex Bomb (Live)

Speaking of Lords of Acid! I didn’t realize until about five minutes ago that both these bands are from Belgium. This Belgium-themed post was entirely accidental. Maybe the lunar eclipse on the winter solstice has something to do with it, and its changing my astrological whatever so I have an increased subconscious desire to listen to Belgium electronic music. Whatever, it makes about as much sense and is as plausible as anything else involving astrology. Did anyone get a chance to see Lords of Acid this summer? I saw they recruited a Rock of Love contestant as their new lead singer. Was she any good? Did she cover Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb?” These remixes and live cuts are from a CD Single.

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  1. Laura says:

    “The Lords are Here!”
    “The Lords are Here!”
    Thank you soooooooo much, Lord DJ for adding some Acid into the mix!
    Ah yes…takes me all the way back to Tampa ’94 for what I call “The Evil Devil Woman Tour”, otherwise known as Lords of Acid’s Voodoo-U Tour. (No, you definitely won’t find THAT particular album cover amongst the cd bins at just any retail store this Christmas 🙂 There’s just something remarkably special about those first 2 albums – WHITE HOT CHICKS singing unabashedly about GETTING FUCKED & GETTING HIGH! So delicious! Such wild abandon! Such FUN! Like any fine vintage, I would also suggest Traci Lords’ 1000 Fires album or Sex on Wheelz with The Thrill Kill Kult as a great compliment for the evening.
    “I smell your sweat on my skin. Breakfast in Vegas on cocaine & gin.”
    XXXOOO Laura

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks for the Hooverphonic remixes!!! I HIGHLY recommend them! Their 1st four or five albums are GREAT; last 2 not so much. “2 Wicky” is one of their best known tracks (samples a lil’ Isaac Hayes!). Fortunate enough to see them in Madison, WI on tour with BT back in 2000; which was their last US tour i believe 🙁

  3. DJBen says:

    I saw the same tour as Brad, but in NYC. Got to talk to BT for a good 15 minutes. Could not be a nicer guy.

    Thanks for these mixes!!

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