Coughing With Soul

I hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing Sunday morning. I am currently in Swanton, Ohio, which smells like a thousand skunks all took shits at once and then died. No wonder everyone here is insane.

Soul Coughing
Rolling (Grooverider Mix)
Rolling (Grooverider Dub)

Sure, it’s no Propellerheads mix of Super Bon Bon. But it’s not that bad. These are from a 12” single.

Paul Van Dyk (Featuring Saint Etienne)
Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (Club Mix)
Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (PVD Mix)
Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (Take a Break)
Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (Take a Break Dub)

That is way too many parenthesis for one track. I hate when songs with parenthesis have additional parenthesis for remix titles. It makes my OCD-riddled head explode a little bit each time. These are from a 2×12” single. Some of these remixes are also available on Amazon, but those versions are all shorter than the versions here for some odd reason.

4 Responses to “Coughing With Soul”

  1. R~ says:

    Finally! My stunned ISP udated its DNS server and you’re coming in loud and clear! Alright, maybe I’m the stunned one not cleaning out my cache for awhile, whatever. Glad you’re up and running! Missed you! Big ungay internet hug, dude!

  2. Derek says:

    That’s why I use [brackets] for the remix titles, and (parenthesis) in the song titles.

  3. Sean says:

    Your comments on Swanton Ohio are too funny…I don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon.

  4. Homer says:

    Thanks, I have the PVD CD single and the mixes are shorter than the ones you posted.

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