This Blog Goes to 12. Spinal Tap can Suck it.

Tonight’s post is brought to you by eight month old Jagermeister. You see, that’s when that shit gets SMOOTH. Wow my eyeballs feel warm…

Also, to the people asking for the soundtrack to Get Crazy, email me. The addy is on this page, you can find it. I don’t post complete soundtracks anymore. They always get shut down by The Man. Fuck The Man. He’s a tool.

Tonight’s post is epic. Enjoy.

Big Country
In A Big Country (Pure Mix)
Wonderland (Extended Mix)
These are both reposts As in I posted this track before. But demand for the In A Big Country remix was overwhelming! Well, not overwhelming, two people asked. But I giving that whole “karma” thingy a try. For future reference to all y’all, if you want a track I posted before you should email me. It’s easier and you are FAR more likely to get it that way then posting in the comments. It shows to me that you actually read my blog. That makes me happy. You know what else makes me happy. This song. I’ve never took the smile away from anybody’s face either man. Damn, my face is all warm and stuff. I’m also reposting that amazing remix of “Wonderland” because I felt like it.

The B-52s
Hallucinating Pluto (Jason’s Ride On Mix)
Hallucinating Pluto (Jason’s Beats)
Roam (Miami Phunky Break Mix)
Love Shack (DJ Tonka Remix)
Planet Claire (Francois Kevorkian Mix)
Summer Of Love (Summer Party Mix)
Good Stuff (Schottische Mix)
Debbie (Edge Factor Mix)
So some of these are available to download at Amazon’s MP3 store. But I don’t care! Besides, my vinyl ripped versions sound neater. These mixes kick ass. Although Jason Mevin’s mix of “Hallucinating Pluto” make it sound like the track is an invitation from Fred Schneider for you to mount him. But hey, it probably is. So go nuts. Also, the” Summer of Love” mix is by Shep Pettibone, and the “Good Stuff” mix is by Moby. Also, the “Good Stuff” mix is rock your balls off amazing. I got these from a promotional 2×12” pack that was encased in red vinyl. It’s cool.

Supersonic (Pete Heller – The Love Mix)
Supersonic (Restless Soul Main Vocal Mix)
Supersonic (Restless Soul Digi-Beats)
Supersonic (Pete Heller – The Love Dub)
Supersonic (Sharp Razor Remix)
Jamiroquai is very hard to spell. Much more so when drunk.

Gangsta Gangsta (Aphrodite Mix/Club)
Dopeman (Aphrodite Mix/Club)
That’s right biatch! I’m gangsta. Not really. These are remixes by Aphrodite. I never knew this 12” existed before stumbling across it last week. If I had I probably would’ve gone out of my way to buy it because these tracks appear in mix form on Aphrodite’s epic mix CD Urban Jungle. I think I’ve mention this before, but that mix CD is unbefuckinglievable. You will never hear a better 73 minutes of jungle music than you will on that CD. I just discovered it’s out of print too! What the fuck? How did that happen? That’s fucked up. Shit. If I ever dig mine out of storage I’ll try to post it. The version I have on my computer is one long MP3, because back when I ripped it iTunes couldn’t play mixes without pauses between tracks. It was annoying. Seriously though, however much you see that CD worth it’s totally worth it. It’s hand in hand with Fatboy Slim’s On The Floor At the Boutique as the best mix CD of the 90s.

9 Responses to “This Blog Goes to 12. Spinal Tap can Suck it.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here's a pint o' Guinness to my favorite Lost Turntable DJ!

    You make me want to take off all my clothes & run into the rainstorm…in a field of green! Like an Irish Spring commercial!

    What's that? They're Scottish not Irish you say? Well…drinking Scotch IS nasty! For Pete's sake, Man, just drink the Guinness anyway!

    – Laura

  2. jasonk says:

    wow I didn't know this existed either. I always had to use the mixed versions when I made mixes for friends. Thanks! ps – if you need the rip of the cd without getting it out of storage let me know.

    raven848 g mail

  3. jasonk says:

    wow I didn't know this existed either. I always had to use the mixed versions when I made mixes for friends. Thanks! ps – if you need the rip of the cd without getting it out of storage let me know.

    raven848 g mail

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the great music. Are the versions of "Supersonic" from the British double 12" promo on Sony Soho Square?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don't know about these B-52's mixes. They sound more like the annoying background music to a fashion premiere than actual B-52's music (or are they from the "Bruno" soundtrack?) Only the Moby one is even listenable. I seem to remember there was a B-52's remix album from around 1981 that was really good.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the B-52's mixes. They aren't my faves but your ongoing generosity is still commendable.

    I know you hate requests, but I think you will probably have what I'm asking for because, well, you have good taste. I seek 2 B-52's songs that have never made it to CD but were on the original albums.

    The first is the fantastic "Don't Worry" off of the Whammy album. They were sued by Yoko Ono (it's a Yoko cover) and were not allowed to release it when the album was put out on CD (Given it's rather obvious and biting allusion to Lennon/Bowie's FAME one can understand how she'd be pissed (and probably hurt). For me this is the song that proves the Bs were so much more than just a party band.

    The other track is the original mix of "Mesopotamia", which was on the original 6 track EP but, sadly replaced by some overpolished remixed version when it was put on CD. How a classic just disappears from a catalogue is astounding.

    These aren't particularly rare tracks for someone who bought vinyl through the 80s. (I myself regrettably got rid of my vinyl and turntable many years ago.) They are completely rare however if you expect to replace them with a CD.

    I know you don't care for requests but I thought I'd give it a try. Regardless of your response your blog remains a treasure trove of glorious tracks. Thank you.

  7. The Lost Turntable says:

    I'm not hoarding rare B-52s tracks for my own amusement. If it's rare and I have it eventually I'll post it.

    Anyone asking for it when I don't have it isn't going to make me go out and look for it. Unless I know you in real life and/or you're one of my bosses.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I didn't mean to suggest you were hoarding (you're very generous,) and I certainly didn't expect you to go out and look for anything. I thought you might not know the tracks I mentioned were rare – that's all – and therefore may never consider posting them.

    I asked – you sound unhappy – that's unfortunate. I wasn't trying to be a knob.

    You have a lovely blog as I suggested. Thank you.

  9. The Lost Turntable says:

    Sorry, I just get asked questions like that A LOT. And it gets very annoying after some time.

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