It’s Time For Techno Motherfookers!

I don’t like to swear in my post titles. So sue me. Mad props to the dude who discovered the source of the sample in last night’s post. You get a no-prize.

Guru Josh
Infinity (Much Much More)
Infinity (Spacey Saxophone Mix)
Infinity (1990’s…Time For The Guru 7” Mix)
Infinity (1990’s…Time For The Guru Mix)
Infinity (Mad Mix)

This is stupid, even for late-80s/early-90s techno. It’s so dumb I almost don’t like it, but that groovy smooth sax melody gets me every time. So apparently this was a hit single in Europe twice? Once in 1989 and then again in 2008/09? Wow. I mean, it’s not bad I guess, but really? It’s just so damned stupid.

Schizofrenia – The Worst Day Of My Life (Electrik Chair Mix)
Schizofrenia – The Worst Day Of My Life (Mark’s Ambient Heaven)
Schizofrenia – The Worst Day Of My Life (Omen Mix)
Schizofrenia – The Worst Day Of My Life (Tribal Tekno)
Schizofrenia – The Worst Day Of My Life (Electrik Edit)

But it really has nothing on this. While Infinity is stupid in a mildly entertaining kind of way, this shit is stupid in a so-damned-retarded-it’s-brilliant way. It’s almost like it was planned. IT’S TIME FOR TECHNO MOTHERFUCKERS! That’s actually a line in one of these remixes. Other choice vocal samples include various Chuck D/Flavor Flav vocal snippets, that one chick saying “bass” and that dude who says “hell yeah.” It even throws in some Beastie Boys samples at one point! All its missing is the James Brown “Woo! Yeah!” and the Amen Break and it would have won Acid House cliche bingo. Majestic idiocy at its finest.

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  1. Ulf Kjell Gür says:

    "I put a spell on you" by NOWlab featuring Screamin' Jay Hawkins

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Post.
    U have more Quadrophonia? Post more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eclectro,South England.
    I saw Guru Josh around time he first came out(89)at an illegal rave in a club in Southampton(New York New York),billed as a birthday party.Grooverider was supposed 2 turn up,but a pretty unknown 'Carl Cox' did instead! Anyway i was sat in this area where my mate done the fog & i had 2 move out the way as Guru Josh had 2 set his keyboards up-if it wasn't 8k in a small club i mite have heard more than squeaky distortion!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had no clue that track goes back to 1989. I had heard the newer version on the radio and just thought it was a contemporary song that was meant to sound retro. I would imagine the sax riff was inspired by 808 State's Pacific.

    I first heard the newer version of Infinity on a house/techno/etc station in my area here in California. 92.7FM. But it was bought out in a slimy way by a Conservative from Florida who was outraged by the fact that it was a Queer station. The djs were replaced, all ties to the Queer community were severed, and the station was retooled. Now the station plays second-rate hiphop.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eclectro,South England.
    Yeah came out about summer 89,i had the original on cassette single! I only got it 4 nice sax,dislike it now! Yeah it is kinda like 808 States Pacific State(original Quadra State EP is best version-i've still got the vinyl)it came out in 89. If ur interested in 808 State go 2 their site-loads of legal downloads(can't remember address!). Also look on 4 old skool rave/house.

  6. Anonymous says:

    'Infinity' was a big hit here in Australia, too! Brings good memories… thanx.

  7. jasonk says:

    a no-prize!! yessssss

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