I Need a Devo Hat

Some of you wanted to read the thing I wrote about trance music. It’s not much but here it is. Enjoy.

I’ve been writing for eHow for about a month now. It’s a pretty solid gig and I enjoy it. If you like that article check out the other stuff I’ve written there. Shocker: most of it is about audio and video.

Baby Doll (Extended Mix)
Baby Doll (Single Mix)
Baby Doll (Dub Mix)
Baby Doll (Devo Single Mix)
Baby Doll (Percapella)
Baby Doll (Sung In Swedish)
Agitated (Hyperextended Mix)

Devo! You know what’s cooler than Devo? Nothing. That’s a scientific fact that has been proven by science! You can’t deny it’s truth. Devo is playing Lollapalooza. I am going to Lollapalooza. I am more than stoked. I am going to watch them work it. Lolla’s line-up is pretty solid this year, minus the horrid Lady Gagagagaganess.

Yikes, digression. Anyways, Devo. They’re awesome. Let’s focus on that. Most of these tracks are from a 12” single for Baby Doll that was freaking sealed when I bought it last month, so they sound INCREDIBLE. The very odd Swedish version is from the soundtrack to Tapeheads. That was not sealed and sounds less incredible, but still pretty damn good. A few of these tracks were on the re-issued version of Total Devo that came out in the 90s, but that version of the album – heck all versions of that album – is out of print. So I don’t want to hear any “hey this isn’t that rare” bullshit. Don’t cramp my Devo high. New Devo this June! Fuck yeah!

Coheed & Cambria
Pearl of the Stars (Big Beige Demo Version)
Okay, you know what’s almost as cool as Devo? Claudio Sanchez’s hair. If you stare at it long enough it starts to stare back. It could beat Chuck Norris in a fight. This demo take of the quality track from Coheed’s latest brilliant piece of overblown insanity, The Year Of The Black Rainbow, is from a 7” picture disc that I got on Record Store Day. Good times.

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  1. stiobhan says:

    Devo! Thanks, guy

  2. JC says:

    They didn't throw any to our part of the crowd here in 1982.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the Baby Doll sung in swedish. It's hysterical, but not easy to understand even for a swede 😀

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