Can all Paul’s create good dance music?

Meh I’m tired go listen at the neat dance music.

Paul Van Dyk
Nothing But You (PVD Club Mix)
Nothing But You (Vandit Club Mix)
Nothing But You (Cirrus Mix)

I recently had to write a guide explaining the different types of trance music. You know what? That shit wasn’t easy. You try explaining how hard trance is different than acid trance and how all goa is psytrance but not all psytrance is goa (maybe, that’s debatable I guess) and that vocal, pop, uplifting and anthem are all different sub-genres. And then do all that in 500 fucking words. Damn. I love me some trance music but I HATE writing about it. Which is why all I’m going to say about this track is that I love it and that I got it from a 12” single.

Paul Oakenfold
Southern Sun (Sabato Breakz Mix)
Southern Sun (Tiesto Mix)
Southern Sun (Gabriel And Dresden Mix)
Southern Sun (Liquid Todd Mix)
Ready Steady Go (PMT Mix)

Ready Steady Go (Trailer Trash Mix)
Ready Steady Go (Layo And Bushwacka Mix)
This too is trance, so I’ll just say that Southern Sun is very pretty and Ready Steady Go is a great dance tune. There’s my insightful music criticism for the day. Leave me alone, it’s late.

Acid 4×4
Planet Love Ink – Living In Pain
Vinyl Countdown – Animal Republic
Burger Industries – Funk The Industry
Brotherhood of Structure – We Are Structure

As much as I like trance I think my heart will always lie with acid house. While trance can get a little pretentious, mellow or pop-friendly at times, acid house is always gloriously stupid. This is a genre whose crowning achievement is The KLF’s White Room, an album that was purposely designed to be a mainstream hit to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And it’s fucking brilliant. These tracks are decidedly less brilliant but are still quite fun, and are from a 2×10” sampler that came on red transparent vinyl. Side note: Vinyl Countdown is a fucking brilliant name.

7 Responses to “Can all Paul’s create good dance music?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eclectro,south England.
    You should hear Paul Oakenfolds Afrodizziact-CRY CISCO(red writing)-there's a track.
    White Room is excellent album-i only just got it on CD(got the original on tape late 1990).
    Also recomended 4 KLF is Hotel California(Ibiza 90 Mix)(white label)-JAM ON THE MUTHA.
    If u want any of these or classic acid,mail me,ok!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eclectro,South England.
    I love 'White Room',got that originally in early 91,just recently got CD.
    If u like KLF,also try Hotel California(Ibiza 90 Mix)(white label)-JAM ON THE MUTHA.
    And Paul Oakenfold-Afrodizziact(red writing)-CRY CISCO.
    If u want any of these,or classic Acid let me know,ok!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy listening to Trance. As to what type of Trance exactly…uh..whatever's good is my category.

    Here are some links you might enjoy regarding a fantastic group called Dahlia whom I encountered whilst living in Portland (since broken up). My personal favorites are: "Ya Gotz to Live", "Forget This Place", & "Pedro".


    PS: I definitely need to see Q/The Winged Serpent! Too funny!

  4. deepstructure says:

    i'd love to read that trance article. is it up anywhere?

  5. jasonk says:

    I somehow do not have this Hotel California (Ibiza mix). Can you help? raven848 at g thanks!

  6. deepstructure says:

    "I recently had to write a guide explaining the different types of trance music."

    i'd be interested in reading this. is it up somewhere?

  7. The Lost Turntable says:

    Hey electro person, I need an email.

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