My Morning Sun will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds.

Fucking weather! It’s 84 today and it’s going to be 45 on Friday. My nose is going to fall off.

But hey, music!

Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen
Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished) (Dave Clarke Remix)
Mission: Impossible Theme (Mission Accomplished)
Theme From Mission: Impossible (Junior’s Hard Mix)
Theme From Mission: Impossible (Guru Mix)
Theme From Mission: Impossible (Junior’s Hard Mix – Edit)
Theme From Mission: Impossible (Tribal Beats)

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for this meeting:

Executive 1: “Hey everyone, we got the two guys from U2 to record the new Mission: Impossible Theme!”
Executive 2: “Wow! We got Bono and The Edge?”
Executive 1: “No…the other two.”
Executive 2: “You’re fired.”

That being said, this song is probably one of five U2-related songs recorded since1996 that I haven’t fucking hated with a passion. These remixes of the theme song from the Tom Cruise monstrosity were taken from a 12” single.

New Order
True Faith (Morel’s Extra Dub)
True Faith (Philip Steir Dub)
True Faith (Morel’s Pink Noise Club Mix)
True Faith (Philip Steir Club Mix)
True Faith (Morel’s Calling Shifty Dub)

More New Order that I didn’t have before! That’s amazing. Twice in a month! Even more amazing is that when I picked up this 2×12” promo last week I actually recognized these two remixers by name. Morel is an amazing remixer, and his mixes for the Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode are all must-listens. He’s also a solo artist, and his 2008 album The Death of a Paperboy was…well…kinda crap. But hey, he has the remixes going for him, which is nice. Philip Steir is also an accomplished remix artist; he did that bitchin’ remix of Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” that was on the soundtrack to Go. But anyways, all of these mixes are pretty damn good. It doesn’t hurt that True Faith has one of the catchiest choruses of all time.

5 Responses to “My Morning Sun will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds.”

  1. franknben says:

    "You're fired." – That made me laugh out loud this morning. Thanks for the tunes (and I agree with the post-96 U2 diarrhea storm). Good luck with the nose.

  2. Jozephus says:

    Please tell me yer gonna write a book or collection of your music commentary some day. Hilarious man! Gifted. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  3. Tom in Portsmouth, NH says:

    Loving the True Faith mixes, had never heard these before. Thank you! BTW, Morel has a new single coming out that you should listen to. You can hear it here: Check it out, especially the Fuzz Mono mix.

  4. James says:

    PS – Philip Steir was also a founding member of the SF group CONSOLIDATED. Now THERE'S some lost vinyl kids you should post, like "This Is Facism" — awesome track!

  5. Leo Rattans says:

    Brilliant set!
    Now, I'm kind of partial to fac183r, maybe because of the Paradise remix, but being between gramophones…this is a most welcome addition.
    I really enjoy your work.

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