Beats and Bitching

It’s amazing how just one dickface can bring down your entire day sometimes. I wake up in the morning and these are the first two comments I see awaiting approval:

“The “hilariously-titled and hard-to-find single edit form” of “Jesus Built My Hotrod” is NOT hard to find”

“Your misguided attempts at patting yourself on the back never fail to amaze and amuse me. “Spasticus Autisticus (version)” is neither “freakishly rare” nor was it “only ever released as the b-side to the single”. It was released on the first “Disco Not Disco” compilation, making it somewhat less rare than you’d like to believe.”

Sometimes little shit can set me off. This is one of those times.

Okay genius. Enlighten me. Where can one easily find the single edit of “Jesus Built My Hotrod?” Because it’s NOT on Psalm 69, it’s NOT on Box and it’s NOT on Rantology. What magical land of fairy dust and easily available singles are you finding it at?

As for the remix of “Spasticus,” you are correct, that is on the Disco Not Disco compilation, which is out of print in the states and in the UK and costs a fortune to buy now. So okay, at one point it was semi-easy to find. But not now. It’s one-time appearance on a now out-of-print compilation that nobody bought doesn’t exactly make it any easier to grab now does it?

Why does this shit piss me off? I don’t know. I don’t like the hate. Why bother with it? I mean, I get nice comments and those are cool and I appreciate them, but dickheads like this, they just get off on shitting in my cornflake and it’s a real downer. Especially since the little weasel wouldn’t even bother with giving a name. “Anonymous” is the signature of whiny cowards who spent too much time in front of the computer, alternating between message board trolling and marathon porn sessions.

If you really don’t like the shit I say or put up then hey, I got an idea, start your own damn MP3 blog where you can always be right and only put up super-ultra-omega rare bullshit. Or maybe you can KINDLY point out when you think I might have made a mistake, then get the benefit of being right but aren’t a jackass. It’s a win win. Of course, you have to be right first. Which in this case you are not.

Or just leave me the hell alone. Goober.

And I will never stop patting myself on the back. For I am truly spectacular.

Sven Väth
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (Underworld Remix)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (Single Version)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (F.E.O.S. And The Beast Mix 1)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (Total Eclipse Mix)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (Underworld Alternative)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (C.J. Bolland Mix 2)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (Club Mix)
Harlequin – The Beauty And The Beast (F.E.O.S And The Beast Mix 2)

Yowza that’s a lot of title. I bought this 2×12” single for the Underworld and CJ Bolland mixes but I do have to say I was a little underwhelmed by the whole thing. I’ve been told that Väth has put out some killer trance in the past so I’ll have to give him another chance. But I’m just not feeling this that much. I’m sure someone will though so this portion of the post is for them.

Two Revolutions
Odyssey – NextGen
Total Science – Fractionz
Indica -Bypass
Alaska & Paradox – Two Thousand
Pariah – Sub Zero
Blame – Sphere (Seba Remix)

Now this is more my speed. These are all from a drum and bass compilation called Two Revolutions. I’m fairly certain that’s out of print but if I’m wrong oh exalted anonymous ones please forgive me. I’m an amateur level basshead, so I don’t want to go on too long about drum and bass lest I make an ass of myself but I’ll say a few things about this record.

Two Revolutions was released by a the excellent dnb label 720 Degrees a few years back on both vinyl and CD. Now the vinyl version I have is only a sampler of sorts and includes just these six tracks. The CD version has a whopping 22, however I’m fairly certain that’s a mix. These versions are complete and unmixed, so it’s a give and take. Less songs, but more of them.

A bit more on 720 Degrees. They’re a bitchin’ label that specializes in “future bound musicality” which I think is code for techstep and neurofunk drum and bass. I’m not going to try and explain those two sub-genres (describing drum and bass is a lot of work and it’s late), but the shorthand is that they’re more “sci-fi” sounding. Techstep also tends to be less abrasive and raw than traditional drum and bass, so it’s a bit easier to digest.

If you like this stuff check out this post which has some more stuff by 720 Degrees founder Blame. I also recommend Wormhole by Ed Rush & Optical. That record is fucking brilliant. I put that one up a while ago but now it’s available for download at Amazon so I took it down. Buy it! It’s only seven bucks. It’s a bit darker and harder than this stuff but still excellent and a great introduction to a unique style of drum and bass. Torque, also by Ed Rush & Optical, is brilliant as well.

15 Responses to “Beats and Bitching”

  1. Anonymous says:

    dude, the fucker's getting free music, what right's he got to complain? brag about "i spend my time chewing out bloggers over the particulars of rock discography" in public, see how impressed flesh-and-blood humans get.

  2. Tim says:

    YES Sphere (Seba remix) is an AMAZING track and you can't get it unmixed apart from the out of print vinyl version!! Awesome tune, and a great find considering I came here looking for "Star Fleet" by Brian May XD

  3. Anonymous says:

    i agree with your Ian Dury assessments, can you re-up
    Ian Dury & The Blockheads
    Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick '91 (The Flying Remix)
    Really Glad You Came (Love Version)
    Inspiration (Love Version)

    as a "good vibes" tribute?

    TY 4 your amazing content, preciate it, really.

  4. atlanticjaxx says:

    Dont worry about the haters man..

    They're just a few years behind the internet evolutionary scale.

    trolling is so 2009

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why are people mean and crazy?!?!?!

    I don't even get why they would do that.

  6. Tom in Portsmouth, NH says:

    I hear what you're saying about a few words bringing your day down. The difference between criticism and constructive criticism is that the latter takes a little bit of thought. And some people are just socially retarded and can't manage it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think you're just fabulous…dahling!

    – Laura (new to this blog)

  8. Anonymous says:

    PS: I think watching "Dogs In Space" would be a great double feature to "Sid & Nancy"…whattya think???

    Ahhhhh…Shivers w/Nick Cave…makes me shiver just listening to it!

    Your blog is marvelous, dahling!

    – Laura (again)

  9. Anonymous says:

    You can dish it out, but you can't take it. Typical of bullies.

    It's not about "hate" at all. The fact of the matter is, I WAS right. Which you actually (accidentally?) admitted but then try to pretend wasn't the case by the end of your whiny post.

    I thought you were a man that could admit when you were mistaken, but apparently you are just a little baby, crying to your readers about your smackdown. Boo hoo!

    To reiterate: you were wrong when you said "Spasticus (version)" was only ever released as a b-side, and you were wrong when you said Ministry's "Hot Rod" edit was hard to find.

    I mean, since you seem to be such a fan of using Amazon to gauge rarities, one might think you would've looked up that Ministry single while you were at it and found that the "hilariously-titled and hard-to-find single edit form" could be had for LESS THAN A BUCK AND A HALF. Dumbass.

    So, you weren't able to be a man about it last time. Can you do so this time? I doubt it. If you post this at all, it will likely be to elicit more sympathy from your readers – although, judging by their last responses to your pathetic whining, I can't really call them that since they don't actually seem to READ (since if they had, they would see that YOU were in the wrong).

    The only hate is coming from you. I'm just trying to correct the misinformation you attempt to dish out to your "readers" (leechers) in your misguided attempts at self-aggrandization.

  10. The Lost Turntable says:

    …I said you were right about the Spasticus not only being a b-side, which part of "As for the remix of "Spasticus," you are correct,"
    don't you get asshole?

    However that doesn't make it any easier to find. It's still not in print on any CD or digitally is it?

    Also, is that version of Jesus Built My Hotrod in print?

    No. It's not.

    Okay, 18 of them are available at cheap prices. So 18 people can get them at Amazon at that price. Whoop de shit. That's not exactly easy availability to mass audiences now is it?

    If you had actually read what I wrote then you would know that I took issue with your tone and hateful attitude more than anything else. I don't mind being corrected, but to do it in such a mean-spirited manner does nothing but piss me off and make you look like an asshole, which you apparently are.

    Anonymous whiny bitch likes to bitch anonymously. Surprise. Surprise.

  11. JC says:

    Anonymous = just spent too much time in the tool shed with its Stepfather,feck those mingers and the horses they rode in on,you keep telling those wankstains to take a flying fuck at the rolling moon,you're right,they should start up their own blog,it'd probably be called the lost turntable's spindle,forever entrenched in their festering ringpiece.

  12. Anonymous says:

    it's not FREE MUSIC…it'
    s literally & figuratively owned by the artists and their estate's & various copyright holders. None of you have the right to indiscriminately repost entire albums & releases without permission… grow up.

    You are literally ruining the blogosphere for everyone…

  13. The Lost Turntable says:


    I wish I had that much power kid.

    Since you had no real response to my reply, I take it that means you know I'm right. Apology accepted. Further comments by you will not be approved by me. Welcome to my dictatorship.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Fuck the whiny shitbags. Any chance of a re-up for that Seba remix? Gutted I missed it before. Peace.

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