Tripping on Ambient House…and ice.

Did all of you have a wonderful Christmastime? Did you contract a case of the flu that required an ambulance ride to an Akron area hospital? Well then you had a better Christmas break than I did you bastards.

And today I fell on the ice and hurt my back. 2009 can’t fucking end soon enough. My New Year’s celebrations will consist of me, my comfy new couch and my Kraftwerk box set. Screw parties. Trans Europe Express makes the pain go away.

The Orb
Blue Room
Blue Room – Radio 7
Blue Room – Excerpt 605
Towers of Dub (Mad Professor Remix)

The single mix of “Blue Room” is a beautiful thing. It almost makes me wish I had some painkillers on hand (actually, that has more to do with the previously mentioned fall on the ice). It’s also epic; clocking in at 39 minutes and 58 seconds long. I’ve actually listened to this sucker all the way through multiple times today, and that alone proves that I spend too much time in front of the computer listening to music.

“Towers of Dub” may not be the best song of all time but fuck me sideways if it doesn’t have one of the grooviest basslines ever laid to wax. This mix has its ups and downs, but it end is pretty damned good.

In the interest of honest I will admit that I swiped these tracks from another blog, Everything On My iPod. However, my links are directly to the files on my server, and not to their Rapidshare account, that would be rude.

Pete Shelley
On Your Own (New York Mix)
Please forgive me…but I cannot endure it any longer

“On Your Own” is a good track, I’m not denying that, but the real attention grabber here is the B-side. “Please Forgive Me…” is a bizarre seven-and-a-half minute instrumental of drums and synths that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Deep Forest record if it wasn’t so damn ominous and awesome. Actually, it sounds like some perfect combination of Deep Forest, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis‘ score to Blade Runner. If you think it’s boring give it time, it peaks around the 5:20 mark. It’s good, and when I listen to it I am shocked that it wasn’t in the score to Megaforce or something.

Yes, this is a cover of Depeche Mode’s Stripped by German industrial perverts Rammstein, and yes, it sounds exactly how you would expect it to. In fact, the version you just know imagined in your head is probably spot on. So yeah, it’s kinda dumb. It’s also kinda fun so enjoy. This is from a Depeche Mode tribute CD.

7 Responses to “Tripping on Ambient House…and ice.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Weren't you anxious to get 2008 over with too? Might be a trend starting… I do hope you have a better 2010 though and I look forward to more posts.


  2. Charlie Parker says:

    THANK YOU! I bought the original Orb 40 minute CD single of Blue Room. Not sure what happened with it but I was listening one day and it just stopped. Ejected the disk and the laser has clearly done something strange as my disk was MELTED!

    Was gutted, and it took me years to track it down again. And even then it was a transcoded WMA->MP3 conversion and sounded fairly crap.

    So THANK YOU for allowing me to finally get a decent copy again. You are a legend.

  3. docomospur says:

    Hope you feel better and get well soon. About 2010, we should, according to Hollywood, already have people travelling to Saturn so it looks like we're a bit behind.

  4. Matt says:


    Thought you may be interested to know about this track – not sure about what rules the US has about what is a 'single' etc, but in the UK, at this time, the rule was that a single had to be less than 40 minutes in length…. hence the length of the track (and why it was extended from the 20 minute album version).

    Also worth digging out is their performance on Top Of The Pops of this song, where they simply sat and played chess for 4 minutes while the synthesiser played the track…..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello J., I hope you'll recover soon, I wish you a good health and lots of fun in 2010. Happy new year.
    By the way, let me know if you got my mail ( don't know if my internet provider lets me down or if you haven't got time to reply 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have to add to the thanks for the full version of Blue Room.

    I've been looking for this for years!!!

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