Spandau Homies

So no one wants to comment on the brilliance of Fireballet? Geez, I thought you guys were cool. What, you’re too good to hear a 19-minute prog-rock version of “Night On Bald Mountain?” Pussies. If you guys keep this up I just might…um…complain about it next time.

Spandau Ballet
Lifeline (Club Mix)
Lifeline (Dub Mix)

So I’m walking out of a restaurant with a friend and somehow Spandau Ballet comes up in conversation and she says “Ooh I love them” so I start a spontaneous performance of “Gold” in front of her. However, her definition of “Ooh I love them” is really just “Ooh, I like that song ‘True'” so I’m just dancing around like an idiot in front of her singing a song she’s never heard.

This kind of thing happens to me a lot.

This remix is from a 12” single.

The Stranglers
Always The Sun (Hot Mix)
Even though I own four Stranglers 12” singles I have yet to buy any of their albums save for a greatest hits collection. So do not ask me how this song is different from the regular version, because I do not know. It’s pretty though. And unlike the other pretty Stranglers song I know I’m fairly certain this one is not about heroin.

Daft Punk
Revolution 909 (Roger & Junior’s Revolutionary War Mix)
Yay! Yay! Daft Punk remix! I got nothing else on this, sorry. It’s from a 12”, it’s good. The Junior in the title is Junior Sanchez. Download it. Enjoy.

Basket Case (Whitecoat Mix)
Basket Case (Blackcoat Mix)
Basket Case (Mr Raucous Rides Again Version)

This is by far the best house track to sample an early 80s grindhouse flick, unless there’s some unheard classic that riffs off of C.H.U.D. In case you have no idea as to what I am talking about, this song samples, and is named after Basket Case, a classic piece of sleaze from 1982 about a guy who keeps his deformed, psychopathic twin in an extra-large picnic basket as they go on a murder spree to get revenge against those who separated them. It’s an amazing filthy offensive masterpiece and I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t take that as an endorsement of the sequels though, those are two of the worst movies ever made.

Eon, the maker of this bitchin’ track, sadly passed away earlier this year from complications stemming with pneumonia. If you want to check out some of his excellent other tracks (including one that samples the movie Dune) check this page out.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have u heard the live album of the Stranglers,where he says about the free condoms/9000 w@nkers out there. Those versions of Always… & Nirth Winds r my faves. Eclectro,south England.

  2. Tom in Portsmouth, NH says:

    Ian Loveday (Eon) is gone? I actually got choked up after reading that! "Spice" & "Inner Mind" were at the top of my playlist back in '91-'92. This song, "Basket Case", not so much. But then I never knew about the sample from the movie of the same name. I'm intrigued, and will definitely look for a copy to rent. Thanks for sharing.

  3. SteveA says:

    Love Spandau Ballet – Lifeline is the first song on the album (vinyl at that time I mean). I have been trying to get my hands on the 12" for Lifeline for so long – thanks for this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My friend-|main|dl4|link5|

    Bands in space!

  5. TonyO.K. says:

    I wouldve been singing along "Gold" with you my man. Or even Lifeline, Communication, and Only When You Leave. Theyre all great sing-along tunes.

  6. Captain Greybeard says:

    Incredibly sad to hear about Eon bein' gone. I loved "Fear is the Mindkiller", "Spice", and especially "Basket Case" when they first came out and still play them when I DJ live. Absolute bummer. (On a different note, I did love the Fireballet cuts and even swiped one and played it on my radio show a few weeks ago!)

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