And I Don’t Stop

Need to add a disclaimer I thought was common sense (silly me) if you put a link to a song that isn’t rare in the comment section, your comment isn’t going to get approved.

I have a music blog so I think I’m required to comment on the VMAs. Okay, my thoughts…

It was a good night for great pop music. Beyonce’s performance killed, but paled in comparison to the incredible trapeze act by Pink. That chick is awesome, she’s like some crazy pop-punk Cyndi Lauper who could obviously kick my ass. She was also born seven days after me. Did her and whats-his-name actually break up? Yo Pink, call me.

Oh, and he-who’s-Google-rank-I-will-not-raise is a dickface.

Shit. The Raiders just blew it. Meh.

The Pharcyde
Ya Mama (Murphy Mix)
Another group that I should know far more about than I do. I actually have a lot of Pharcyde vinyl, but most of it was obviously used by club DJs and they’re torn to shit. This is the only mix I could salvage off of a 12” single I picked up last week.

Cypress Hill
The Phuncky Feel One (Extended Version)
That is the stupidest spelling of “funky” I have ever seen. I kind of understand the ph but why the added c? Is that how you spell it if you’re insane in the membrane? I shouldn’t dis Cypress Hill that much, they might just come over to Pittsburgh and bust a cap in my ass. I got enough problems. This mix is from a 12” single.

A Tribe Called Quest
Bonita Applebum (UK 12” Mix)
Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)
Bonita Applebum (Why? Edit)
I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)

I suppose if a woman is going to have her posterior compared to a fruit, an apple is a good choice. The Vampire Mix of “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” is kind of legendary. It’s an epic reworking of a great song, which for some is more recognizable than the original (Lil’ Wayne even sampled it). It’s full of killer big beats as well, so it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise to find out that it’s from the king of big beats, Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim. This six-minute version is not on any CD as far as I know. All four of these tracks are from two different 12” singles.

4 Responses to “And I Don’t Stop”

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for the post and all your hard work on the blog. The six-minute Vampire Remix can actually be found on the Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveler remix CD.

    Th Hootie Mix and Why? Edit can be found on this disc, as well.

  2. The Lost Turntable says:

    You are correct, but that album is not in print in the states. So I'm only half wrong.

  3. DJSureal says:

    I bought it in the states. Found it on Vinyl and CD

  4. The Lost Turntable says:

    Good for you, but that doesn't change the fact that it is no longer in print.

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