Bjork’s Book Of Blondie Love

Holy shit I’m back. Sober! Oh well. That might not last all week though (sorry mom)!

I’m also not feeling very talkative tonight, so I’ll be keeping things brief. I’ll be back to my ranting misanthropic self in a day or so. It’s late.

Book Of Love
Boy (Peter Rauhoffer Club Mix)
Boy (Headrillaz Extended Vocal Mix)
Boy (Headrillaz Dub)
Boy (Dubaholics Mix)
Boy (Dubaholics Dub)
Boy (Peter Rauhoffer Dub)
Boy (RPO Remix)

I have a feeling this song is big with “the gays.” I have no basis for that other than the fact than the lyric “I wanna be where the boys are” and the fact that one of my gay friends LOVES Book Of Love. Educated and mature I know. These are from a 2LP 12” that came out in 2000 for som strange reason.

I Miss You (R.H. Factor Lovely Mix)
This mix is quite good, although I think proclaiming it to be “lovely” is a bit egotistical of the remixer. I have more remixes of this song on vinyl, and if I ever get that record to play without skipping like it’s on jello in the middle of an earthquake, I will share them with you all.

Rapture (Guru’s Fly Party Mix)
This is a very weird remix. I’ve had it for a very long time, so long that I forgot where I found it. It is however the only remix of “Rapture” you can’t buy on iTunes, so I’m featuring it tonight. Much like the “lovely” mix, I think proclaiming this mix to be “fly” is a bit bold. It wouldn’t got that far for sure. It’s quite…groovy though.

8 Responses to “Bjork’s Book Of Blondie Love”

  1. raul says:

    nice bjork mix,very latin style
    i'd rather say very estefan style

  2. Skipper says:

    Must say the Rapture remix is quite cool, it doesnt tick all the boxes but is a nice lil' novelty track ala 2 Many Dj's

  3. Anonymous says:

    "Boy" is big with the fag-ettes, a very interesting group of girls, I've found.

  4. Marc says:

    Boy by Book of Love was written about Boy Bar in NYC in the 80's…which is yes, a gay bar.

  5. magø says:

    Regardless of whom the track was popular with when it came out in 1985, the new "Boy" remixes were released in 2001 in conjunction with a Book Of Love 'Best Of' comp. that came out around the same time…

  6. setphx says:

    Book of love is a rarity from back in the 80's- I touch the roses was a huge success in the USA not only in gay clubs but in mainstream "gothic" which was closely matched with depeche mode. All the "goths" love book of love and they certainly were not queer. Thanks for the post.

  7. al says:

    I heard the Bjork track just once, on a radio station in Seattle, during a road trip. I called every radio station in the phone book that afternoon trying to figure out who played it, but no luck. That was in 1997. I never heard it again until now. Thanks for Raul for using the term latin to describe it, and thanks to you for writing about it.

    I'm so glad I found it tonight. Can't stop smiling. So awesome.

  8. Danny says:

    I wish the Bjork Mix was still available..:(

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