Constructive Criticism is a Pain in my Ass

So if you read my last post you probably figured out that I’m not a fan of Black Devil Doll. I stand by my comments about the movie, it is the worst, least entertaining movie I have ever seen, and the fact that anyone out there likes it kind of makes me feel bad about the human race.

HOWEVER, I do agree with some of the comments made in that I kind of went too far with my “personal” attacks on the filmmakers. Wishing horrible things upon people isn’t exactly a classy move on my part, so I issue a retraction. I don’t wish death, dismemberment, whatever on the makers of Black Devil Doll. They made a movie, I hated it (a lot) but that doesn’t make them horrible people. They’ve actually been very classy in their response to my horribly evil review of their horrible film. I was kind of being a troll (on my own site no less!) for attention and hits. It was overkill and not needed.

There’s another review of Black Devil Doll that brings up a point that I wish I had (even though they liked the movie), and that’s the fact the movie is incredibly lazy. There was no real effort put forth to make the film once they got the idea. They didn’t bother to find talented actors, they didn’t bother to make the film look good, they didn’t really bother to do much of anything. That’s the main problem with the film, it gives off an air of apathy upon the filmmakers, and if they didn’t care about the movie, why should you care enough to see it?

Damn I hate eating crow.

Now here’s some industrial music.

Front Line Assembly
Millennium (1,000 Years of Decay Remix)
Millennium (Left in Ruins Remix)
Millennium (Until Death Remix)
I always get these guys mixed up with Front 242, which makes sense. These are from a 12” single.

Front 242
Work 242 N.Off is N.Off
Agony [Until Death]
Work 242
Never Stop! V 1.1
I always get these guys mixed up with Level 42, which does not make any sense in the least. Just had an awesome idea though; how about a Front Line Assembly, Front 242, Level 42 mash-up? That would be awesome. These are also from a 12” single.

Sympathy For The Devil
Sympathy For The Devil (Anastasia)
Sympathy For The Devil (Who Killed The Kennedys)
Only one of these versions is technically by Laibach, the other two are credited to Germania and 30,000 VK. But since both those bands are just different incarnations of Laibach I figured that’s just splitting hairs. The (Who Killed The Kennedys) version is the only one that sounds remotely like the original. But all are very…interesting. From a 12” picture disc.

2 Responses to “Constructive Criticism is a Pain in my Ass”

  1. Grebo Guru says:

    You say that the filmmakers were lazy "once they came-up with the idea".
    Aye, there's the rub — they didn't even COME UP with the idea. This movie is simply an "updated" *cough* remake of a pathetically-fascinating straight-to-video (and shot-on-camcorder) flick from the early 80's called "BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL".
    Here's a few little links if you wanna check some of the original out:

    So, yeah.
    The "filmmakers" are even lazier than originally thought!
    I've not seen this newer version, can't be assed, honestly.

  2. The Lost Turntable says:

    I've read about this. I think they deny it, I haven't seen the original so I can't compare the two. I can't imagine it being much worse though. I think both are ripping off the final segment of Trilogy of Terror.

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