DnB Hip Hop and stuff (too tired for title)

My god am I having a shit week. Anyone else out there watch the Michael Jackson Memorial? Anyone else out there sob uncontrollably when Paris Jackson took the mic at the end? I didn’t…nope…not at all…I just had…um…allergies. Yeah, that’s it.

I was happy to see the response to my post about eMusic. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who noticed their bullshit. If you’re like me and used eMusic to pick up electronic music I recommend checking out BeatPort, they’ll a little pricier than eMusic but their selection is amazing, great sound quality too.

Not a lot to say about the music tonight, I got some good shit coming up either later this week or early next week, including more Michael Jackson. I know I said I wouldn’t post anymore but I just picked up some sweet 12” singles that must share. Until then enjoy some alternative hip-hop and gay synth-pop.

A Tribe Called Quest vs. AK1200 Buggin‘ Out (One Too Many Joints Mix)
Boogie Down Productions vs. Mark Pritchard – Necessary (Mark Pritchard Mix)
FuSchnickens vs. Pimp Juice – Ring The Alarm (Pimp Juice’s Magic Mix)
Whodini vs. DJ Swingsett & J. Warrin – One Love (High Bias Mix)
These are from a 12” called Old School vs. New School Vol. 2. I have Volume 1 somewhere but it’s all scratched to hell. Maybe I’ll dig it out of my crates one day and try to re-record it. These are pretty bitchin‘ remixes, they take these old school rap songs and transform them into crazy drum and bass tracks. I particularly dig the remix of “Ring The Alarm.” On a related note, I frequently get asked to recommend good new drum and bass so I thought I’d give a shout out to the new compilation by Hospital Records Sick Music. Very diverse collection of some of the best that amazing label has to offer. Pick it up.

Pet Shop Boys
“Brits” Medley
This isn’t the actual medley that the Pet Shop Boys performed at the Brits, it’s a studio version of it. It was a bonus track for anyone who pre-ordered the iTunes version of the album. That’s 2x the exclusive and 2x the BS for those who don’t use that shitty service.

Jungle Brothers
Jungle Brother (Stereo MC’s Mix)
What “U” Waitin‘ “4”? (Jungle Fever Mix)
I’ll admit my ignorance and confess to my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to The Jungle Brothers, aside from the fact that they are totally awesome and that I need to buy Done By The Forces Of Nature sometime very soon. These are from a couple of 12”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As you mentioned Drum'n'Bass AND the Jungle Brothers in this post i couldn't help myself and just had to send you these Urban Takeover (= Aphrodite)remixes of two fine JB tracks,enjoy!



    Thanks for the old school vs new school stuff, i've got vol.1 on CD,if you like a rip……

  2. jonderneathica says:

    "Done by the Forces of Nature" is the best JB album. I like "Raw Deluxe" too. "VIP" is their most commercial album, and "JBeez with the Remedy" is the least accessible (although it includes my all-time #1 favorite, "40 Below Trooper"). I would love to find mp3's of the songs that the JBeez recorded under the name "Crazy Wisdom Masters" …

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great finds, some classic sounding stuff in there, props

    Dope Hip-Hop books –

    Check The Technique http://www.waxfacts.com
    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop http://www.cantstopwontstop.com
    How To Rap http://www.howtorapbook.com
    Classic Material http://www.o-dub.com/classic/classic.html

  4. Farrakhan Faucet says:

    I think the Paris speech finally humanized the whole thing – in life and death Michael Jackson was no more real to us than the average cartoon character. Add in three test tube babies living heaven knows what sort of reality behind the masks, flashbulbs and world travel. And then you have this beautiful, heartbroken young lady emerge. Not only did we realize she's human, but her father figure was too. I think I cried harder for the fact these children are trapped in that dysfunctional family. I hope someone there loves them for who they are – and not just for their connection to the empire. And for the love of God, give Debbie Rowe a psych evaluation before letting her close…

    As always, thanks for the music, your rant-fueled reviews and deep knowledge of all genres make it one of my favorite places on the the web.

    Your Lost Angels post inspired me to dig through crates of storage to find my Raheem Self Preservation 4-mix CD single. Priceless.

  5. Sly Syl says:

    I love you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re: Jungle Brothers

    Here is one of those "Crazy Wisdom Masters" tracks – the original version of "40 Below Trooper"

    It's called "Troopin' On The Down Lo"


  7. matt says:

    Someone sent me the song Freakin you baby, i really like that song
    so much so that i put part of it in a you tube video

    thats all i know of this band though.

  8. jonderneathica says:

    Thank you, anonymous JBeez fan! Sounds a lot wilder than the version that Bob Rock produced…

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