Willkommen auf der Drehscheibe Verloren

I saw Nine Inch Nails last week. Good shit. Want to know how to make me go nuts? Perform a cover of a Gary Numan song. Trent did, rocking out an epic version of “Metal” that had everyone but me bored to tears. I want to start a Gary Numan tribute band. I bet I could get Gary Numan to join.

Anyways, I recorded some of the opening act, which is the Street Sweeper Social Club. It’s Tom Morello’s new band and they were much fun live. I’m reviewing their CD right now and I’m sad to report that the fun didn’t make it to the studio. I’ll give a link to that review in a few days. If you want to check their cover of MIA’s “Paper Planes” go here. The camera work is less-than-good I know.

Speaking of links to reviews…

Hell – Teufelswerk: I very rarely give 5 star reviews (I think) and I don’t toss around phrases like “best album ever” a lot, so take my word for it when I say that Teufelswerk just might be the best electronic album of the decade. This record blew my mind 8 times over, it’s just fucking amazing. This is the best electronic album I’ve heard in a decade, and probably the best since The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James album or The KLF’s White Room. Yes it is that damn good. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about this album, it will change what you think house music can do.

Now for some stupid b-sides and remixes

The Pretenders
In The Sticks
This is an instrumental jam, recorded I don’t know when and written by I don’t know who. I grabbed it off of a compilation called “Attack of the Killer B’s” which features B-sides by a ton of popular artists, the next four songs are also from this same compilation. If anyone can give me any information about this tune I would greatly appreciate it.

The Blasters
What Will Lucy Do?
I know this is a cover of a Frankie Lee Sims song because I looked this one up. I knew it wasn’t a Blasters original because it sounds nothing like them. This song is older than your parents. It’s fairly awesome. A live version appears on a Blasters greatest hits compilation, but I think this is a studio cut.

John Hiatt
Take Time To Know Her
John Hiatt is most famous for writing songs that made other people famous, such as “Thing Called Love,” which Bonnie Raitt covered to massive success in 1989. This is uber-80s adult contemporary pop/blues. Dated but fun.

Peter Gabriel
Shock Den Affen
German version of Shock the Monkey. That’s the only way this song could be made weirder. Peter Gabriel actually released several of his albums in German, sadly they are all out of print in America. I wanna hear “Games Without Frontiers” in German.

The Time
Morris Day has a female reporter stroke his…ego in this silly skit. I think Morris Day is the only Prince protege that has a bigger ego than Prince. It’s kind of sad considering that The Time is best known nowadays for their cameo in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Thomas Dolby
The Devil is an Englishman (Extended Version)
An extended remix of the theme song to Gothic, a horrible movie that no one has ever seen. I’ve already written more than anyone else ever has about that soundtrack, which you can read (and download) here.

Jesus & The Mary Chain
Surfin’ USA (Summer Mix)
How the fuck did this happen? They did a lot of drugs right? That’s the only explanation. From a 12” single I think, it’s been a while since I recorded this one.

8 Responses to “Willkommen auf der Drehscheibe Verloren”

  1. gmabie says:

    As always, great commentary and interesting music. I have "Revenge of the Killer B's." Any chance of posting the rest of "Attack"?

    Thanks again for being a great read and listen.

  2. Heinrich der Dritte says:

    It should be "Willkommen auf der verloren Drehscheibe"

  3. The Lost Turntable says:

    The rest of "Attack" will not be posted because those songs are all easily available thanks to the magical technology of CD reissues.

  4. John says:

    "In The Sticks" was the B-side on the "Day After Day" vinyl single from 1981. One reviewer of a Pretenders compilation (from which he laments "In The Sticks" is missing) says that it was composed by Martin Chambers (Pretenders' drummer). There also at least one copy of this single available on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/THE-PRETENDERS-HI-GRADE-7%22-LOT-(5)-Chain-Gang%2FMiddle-of_W0QQitemZ250436945230QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090603?IMSfp=TL090603174008r8463


  5. micah says:

    i'd gladly hook you up with both of PG's german albums. there are some very slightly different mixes of the tracks, so it's kinda worth it even besides its germanocity. "kiss of life" is actually tons better in german, and has a nice outro. shall i up them?

  6. SteveA says:

    Hi there…I saw NIN last week as well in Charlotte which I believe is the last show of their US Tour (for now). NIN rocked – loved it.

  7. Scaryduck says:

    Thanks for the Dolby

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