Wow, this is a themed post.

That’s right, two posts in one night. Don’t take this as a sign of increased productivity on my part, because I’m not going to be posting anything else for a week. Real life has gotten in the way of my internet shenanigans. Which is also why tonight’s posts are kind of light on my usually witty charm and stuff.

See you all next week sometime.

Edgar Winter
Frankenstein 1984 (Monster Version)
Frankenstein 1984 (Human Version)
Frankenstein 1984 (Monster Rap)
This…is the greatest song I’ve ever posted. Okay, maybe not, but it’s definitely in the top 5. As “Frankenstein” is one of my favorite instrumental jams of all-time, I had no idea that Edgar Winter reworked it in the 80s, transforming the boogie rock classic into an electro/dance masterpiece! Seriously, this is incredible. It combines the groove of the original with the beats Kraftwerk and the overall funkiness of Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”. The Monster Version is nearly 10 minutes long, and the Human Version is the radio edit. The Monster Rap is a version that includes (surprise) some rapping, but don’t worry it’s not by Edgar Winter. That would really be weird.

Nash the Slash
1984 (Radio Version)
1984 (Dance Version)
You know it’s a weird double-bill when the albino keyboardist and his electro cover of his own classic rock jam isn’t the weirdest thing I’m posting. No one, I mean no one, outweirds Nash The Slash. This mother is one crazy Canadian. I previously mentioned the bandaged violin player before when talking about FM, and now I’m proud to present one of his solo cuts, one that has never been on a proper Nash The Slash album as far as I know. This song has no relation to the David Bowie number of the same name, other than the fact that both wer most likely inspired by Orwell. Because when I think dystopian facist futures I think prog and glam.

3 Responses to “Wow, this is a themed post.”

  1. SteveA says:

    Wow! thanks for the Edgar Winter Band post. I also had no idea it was re-mixed and even so in the 80's. I have the original album this came from, and like so many 1970's albums it was both artistic and frigging wierd. It had a picture of a shirtless Edgar Winter all albino style – at that time I thought it was a really interesting look.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Rick Derringer and Dan Hartman also in this band?

  2. Grebo Guru says:

    for what it's worth…
    "1984" was featured on NASH THE SLASH's album "American Bandages".


  3. RevSilverthorn says:

    I had this extended 12" in the 80s, i lost it and have been looking for it forever! Is there a way to get an mp3 of it from ya, I have looked for it everywhere!!


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