Better Living Through Orgone

Not much to say tonight. Actually, I have a bit to say about various non-inportatant things, but I am very tired. Quick review notices:

Julien-KDeath To Analog: My original review for this was just going to be “Fuck these guys.” but my editor said that lacked impartial critisism.

The Future Sound Of London Presents The Pulse EPs: If you like Acid House and you do not own this CD collecting some of FSOL’s most essential (and woefully out of print) tracks then you are fucking up.

Now some tunes.

Kate Bush
Cloudbusting (The Organon Remix)
I was torn on putting this one up because the quality of the recording isn’t that great. There are quite a few pops and crackles and such, but I decided to post it because I’m sure the people who really want to hear it don’t give a shit. Besides, it’s a totally awesome song. How many other songs have you heard about machines that can disrupt the weather using the unseen forces that are created from orgasms? I thought not. This remix is from a 12” single.

Mental Note: I need to buy more Kate Bush 12” singles.

If You Leave (Extended Version)
La Femme Accident (Remixed Version)
Speaking of shitty recordings…I put this song up a very long time ago, back when I had a retarded turntable that spun too damn fast. I meant to repost this one in March, but I couldn’t find the damn thing in my horribly unorganized record collection. I finally did, so enjoy and spend the weekend waxing poetic about Molly Ringwald.

Todd Terry
Let It Ride (12” Edit)
Let It Ride (Tee’s Mix)
Blackout (Tee’s Out Mix)
And now for the drum ‘n’ bass portion of tonight’s program. Todd Terry is a house legend whose remixes you’ve probably heard before (on this blog most likely) having done remixes for artists as diverse as Garbage and Yes. I didn’t know he was into DnB as well, so these tracks were a pleasant surprise. They are all from the same 12” single.

Set In Stone
Forbidden Zone
Ah those wacky House DJs and their stupid-ass pseudonyms. Bedrock is John Digweed and Nick Muir, and while they aren’t as successful as Digweed’s other collaborative project (Sasha & Digweed) they do alright for themselves. “Set The Stone” is just alright, but “Forbidden Zone” is great, peaking wonderflully near the end. Pure house brilliance. These two trance/house tracks are from a 12” single. Immature sidenote: Having a name like “Digweed” must have sucked in junior high.

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  1. icastico says:

    I’ve got that Kate Bush 12″
    I had totally forgotten about it.
    Good shit.

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