The Depeche Load

I can’t believe I’ve never made that pun before.

Depeche Mode
In Your Room (Zephyr Mix)
In Your Room (Extended Zephyr Mix)
In Your Room (The Jeep Rock Mix)
In Your Room (Brian Eno’s Apex Mix)
In Your Room [Live In Lievin]
Policy Of Truth [Live In Lievin]
Painkiller (Kill The Pain Mix – DJ Shadow vs. Depeche Mode)
Headstar (Luke Slater Remix)
Surrender (Catalan FC Out of Reach Mix)
Only When I Loose Myself (Dan The Automator Mix)
Only When I Loose Myself (Gus Gus Longplay Mix)
Only When I Loose Mysel (Subsonic Legacy Remix)
My Joy (Slow Slide Mix)
My Joy (7″ Mix)
Walking In My Shoes (7″ Mix)
Walking In My Shoes (Grungy Gonads Mix)
Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix)
Walking In My Shoes (Extended 12″ Mix)
Walking In My Shoes (Anandamidic Mix)
Walking In My Shoes (Ambient Whale Mix)
Okay, this is it, the final massive Depeche Mode post! I’m finally caught up, and have now posted every single Depeche Mode remix and rarity in my collection. I’m sure there will be more later, but for now it feels nice to finally get all of these bastards out of the way. My review of Sounds Of The Universe will be up at Bullz-Eye in later this month, but my early impressions certainly are positive. I like it more than Playing The Angel, but nothing on the album is as good as my favorite tracks from that album, “A Pain That I’m Used To” and “John The Revelator.”

7 Responses to “The Depeche Load”

  1. Jacques says:

    I agree with your first SOTU review. Nothing except maybe, big maybe, Wrong stands out. I an getting used to the feel of this album but it seems that it lacks the “musical depth” of previous albums. I found however that my first impressions are not always correct and that with time I grow into the new material.

    My 5 cents…

  2. Zain says:

    Thanks, appreciate this. Could you repost the Talk Talk “It’s my Mix” tracks please. I really need them. Thanks.

  3. FUZZCUTTER says:

    Thank You so much for this stuff. Looking forward to your review of ‘…Universe’.

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks for the live tracks! Waiting for your Sounds Of… review to see what other fans think. I’m tired of reading a critic’s review that something is “the best since” which gets my hopes up and them I’m disappointed when I hear it myself.

  5. Drain says:

    i don’t even know how i missed making the mode/load pun…it’s so obvious lol. but wow, i’m going to be busy for the next couple of days just downloading all this great stuff. thanks for sharing all these goodies 🙂

  6. Marianna says:

    wow, thanks A LOT for the Devo and the DM remixes!

    Huge fan of you blog.
    cheers from Brazil.

  7. Jus says:

    Thank you. Your post inspired a long overdue post on my blog. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the Devo too!

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