Zombie Devo Punks

So we’re friends right? You read my blog, you download my tunes and you comment on my amazingly awesome taste in music right? Well, if you really want to be cool then do me a massive favor and read my article, Let The Right Ones In: 10 Bands That Should Be In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It was an article that was conceived from a post in this very blog after all!

Please read it, and if you like it Digg it, I want as many people as possible to read this one because I am sickeningly proud of it.

A.D.A.M. and Amy
Zombie (Eternal Airplay Mix)
Zombie (Dancin’ With Zombie Mix)
Zombie (Adam & Gielen Club Mix)
Zombie (Orbital Test)
Zombie (Rockin’ With Zombie Club Mix)
Zombie (Rockin’ With Zombie Radio Mix)
When I think of great topics for dance remix covers, The Troubles don’t immediately leap to mind, but hey that’s just me I guess. This cover was actually a hit single in the UK and I think they know more about the issue than I do. These are from a 12” single.

Watch Us Work It (Still Workin’ Mix)
Watch Us Work It (Teddybears Mix)
Watch Us Work It (Original Demo)
Fuck yeah Devo. Double fuck yeah it’s new Devo. Well, it’s newish Devo. The song is from 2007 but the 12” single I got these mixes from came out late in 2008. The song originally appeared in a Dell commercial but it’s supposedly going to be in that new Devo album that has been on again off again and back on again about half a dozen times since early this decade.

The Attery Squash
Devo Was Right About Everything (The Devo Mix)
A bonus b-side from the Devo 12” single. Find out more about The Attery Squash at their MySpace page.

Against Me!
Don’t Lose Touch (Mouse On Mars Remix)
Folk/punk/dance/electro – it’s the new black.

8 Responses to “Zombie Devo Punks”

  1. icastico says:

    A mostly good list.
    The final paragraphs sum it up nicely though…getting into the RNRHOF is not a very rock and roll event.

    Maybe they should turn the place into the RNRHOF and Casino…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sad to not see Depeche Mode in the list though.

    Good article though!

  3. Ctelblog says:

    Ay, Motorhead, Kraftwerk and Rush certainly.

    But Journey…

  4. John Fink says:

    Man, I don’t know what it is, but I really, really, really love that Devo song. Thanks for posting!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good article.
    Kraftwerk style wasn’t pulled out of thin air, though… highly influenced by Steve Reich.

  6. Anonymous says:

    been digging your site for along time now.the rirhof article was way over due.maybe others have done the same thru the years,i don’t know.

    as a musician-i aggree and dissagree.not everyone should be in,or atleast sooner than others(hello…madonna over cheap trick?)
    the madonna induction was too soon in my opinion,and she’s not even “rock”.we all have our faves but you gotta select a few from across the board to be fair.

    and i’ve been pissed that cheap trick-one of the few bands of each generation to influence other generations,has been passed over too many times.that’s just wrong.

    the time is about right for def leppard and bon jovi,2 of the few “hair bands” from the time that has continued success.not really eagar for them to be in but i wouldn’t pissed like the madonna fiasco.

    like journey,i’d like to add foreigner and pat benatar-just as big,just as many hits,just as influental and just as popular and deserving.

    would great bands like the smithereens or the black crowes get in?,is joan jett in as a solo artists? we’ll see.

  7. Barry says:

    I like the demo version of Devo’s “Watch Us Work It” better than the finished product. That single version is too manic and robotic. The demo’s better cause they slowed it down a bit. Plus that 4/4 drumming sounds really cool.

    Between this song and the other new ones – like Freah I’m getting pretty psyched for the new Devo album!

  8. Anonymous says:

    anyone rip that new devo song on their site? don’t shoot i’m a man?

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