Blogging in Rhythm & Sorrow

To the person that wanted “Party Animal,” sorry, I couldn’t fit it and I can’t find the record either. Trust me, I’m more upset about that than you are.

This might be my only post this week, so I am definitely making up for that with quantity and quality.

The Sugarcubes
Birthday (Icelandic)
Regina (Icelandic)
Regina (Propellor Mix)
Regina (Jet Mix)
Traitor (Icelandic)
Birthday (Demo)
Organic Prankster – This is just another version of “Delicious Demon”
Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow (Live)
Cowboy (Live)
Coldsweat (Live)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Christmas Present
Petrol (live)
Coldsweat (Meat Mix)
Coldsweat (instrumental)
Motorcrash (Live)
Blue Eyed Pop (2nd Mix)

Yay early Bjork! All of these are from one massive box set that I picked up last week. The front cover calls it 12-11 (since it features 11 12” singles), while the spine and back cover call it The Box. I stuck with that title on the ID3 tags mostly because I like it better. The back also has the following notice: “Contains all the 12” recordings by The Sugarcubes from October 1986 to October 1989. This catalogue is now deleted.”

They leave out that it also includes a 10” single. But that’s the least of this box’s typos. The tracklisting is riddled with massive fuck ups. For example, the back of the “Cowboy” single says that an Icelandic version of “Traitor,” but it’s really a “Polo”. The tracklisting for “Motorcrash” is fucked too, listing “Polo” when in reality the track is the English version of “Traitor.” Then there’s the intentional clusterfuck of the “Christmas” single, which features a double-grooved side, so you don’t know which version you’re going to get whenever you put the needle down (pray it doesn’t skip.) I posted that single a while ago, but I was not aware of the double groove, so everything was fucked up and mislabeled. I also previously posted the songs from the “Cowboy” single, but I’m posting them again since this rip is better and “Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow (Live)” is one of the best performance of any song you’ll ever fucking hear. I want that song played at my funeral.

Basically my point in all of this is that you shouldn’t blame any fuck ups or mislabeled tracks on me, instead blame Einar (that’s the dude who “sings” with Bjork). Also, there were more tracks on this set than I’m posting tonight, but I’m not posting them because they were album cuts or are now on greatest hits/deluxe editions that are easily available.

This is very rare box set, after I bought it I wanted to compare the price I paid with what it was going for on Amazon and eBay, but I couldn’t freaking find it. That tells me that it’s pretty obscure and that my $65 was money well spent. I couldn’t even find good pictures of the thing, so I took some, enjoy the day-glo.

7 Responses to “Blogging in Rhythm & Sorrow”

  1. icastico says:

    Very cool…

    Here’s what I was doing while Bjork was making this great shit.

    Maybe there’s a reason she’s rich and I’m not….


  2. Travis says:

    Awesome. Thanks, heaps.

    I never knew about this box set. I’m jealous you found it.

    Thanks for posting it.

  3. Catherine says:

    ((hugs)) we’ll have party animal someday. someday. you got to hope.

  4. jrd says:

    wow, great box set, nice find!

  5. tboy34 says:

    Thank you so much for this. It’s really cool. I’ve been looking for that Icelandic version of birthday on CD for a long time. thank you!

  6. Reetsjel says:

    Thanks soooo much for this treasure!

  7. abba says:

    hi ..

    i've been looking hard for the traitor (icelandic)…

    could you help me with that track…please…

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